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The flight who's an aggregate account, isn't he? Yeah, that's right, yeah. So the point to make there is this has been done before. A flash horse has come into the jumps game, made his debut in this race and gone on to win. She'll get the little bit of an allowance. Is she going to be your pick? No, she's not simply because I just think there's just a little bit too much guesswork involved for me there for all. I think she's quite a big price. I think it's about ten to one when I was looking earlier. I was impressed by rare Middleton's debut, even though he only won by three pounds of the limb and the race itself, the bare form at tonton is nothing to write home about. He just strikes me as potentially a very, very big improver in here. And I think it's interesting. Speaking of Zach under and Paul Nichols, I think it's interesting that he's decided to go for this race with rare Middleton off the back of what was on the face of it an ordinary enough maiden hurdle win. So look, scriptwriters clearly don't want to be set to high standard on the form that we've already seen, but I'm going to plump for rare Middleton. He's one of those horses who has got the time form large P attached to his rating. We don't give these out Willy nilly at the organization. And they're only reserved for horses that we think will improve markedly on what they've already achieved. So with that in mind, rare Middleton will do for me. Well, I'm very pleased to hear you say that. Because rare Middleton is my pick as well. Only raised twice on the flash finishing second in a current aid and last September on debut. And then winning a ten for a long maiden at leopard stand in October for Andy Oliver before Brian drew and dinah wheatley forked out 215,000 of the king's finest sovereigns for him. I should say Guinea's because it's 5% extra, isn't it? For each Guinea. So you're just squeezing a bit more out of the buyers. That was a modest hurdling contest, a tone. There's no question about that. And he did, he jumped right slightly. Which won't be a problem here because now we're going back right under again. And he did get in close to the last. But Harry Cobb never touched him. It was hands and heels all the way to the line, and he just looked like he could have exploded through that race if they wanted him to. I was really impressed with him there. And so was Paul Nichols because this is what he said afterwards. Rare Middleton is a very smart horse. Credit this quote is coming from the racing post when it works. Rare Middleton is a very smart horse. There's loads more to come from them. You only started schooling 6 weeks ago and I don't like running them that soon. I was concerned about the first time on this ground and whether he get the trip, but he's a nice horse and you will hear a lot more about him. Immediately the Adonis hurdle was named as the target, and Paul Nichols has won this race three times in the last ten years, and if we were to go back even further, bringing in star country that would look even better. But let's just go with the ten year figures. In the last ten years, Paul Nichols form figures in this race with his first string and he's only got the one runner today reads. First, third, second first, no runner, second, fourth, first, third, and then last year, one bummed out 8. But ignored last year, really, really solid record in this race. He's got a terrific record at the track as well. And they talk a big game with this fellow. And I'm not so sure about script writer anymore. I didn't like the run at cheltenham the last day. I mean, I was a big fan of this horse early in the season. You were? Did I put him up a shelter? I might have. I think I did. Yeah, I think you did. I still don't fully understand what the ride was, and I don't want to be overly critical of paddy Brennan, but it did look as though something had gone wrong with the tack, and then it turned out there was no Lydia hill upper saying that on racing TV as well. Turned out there wasn't an issue with the tack. Milton Harris came out and said that he doesn't like being in front too soon and paddy said he doesn't like being hit with the whip, which is great considering the current circumstances. Anyway, moving on, moving on. But he's giving 5 pounds away here. And I just didn't like the way he went through that race. I thought he would fight in the finish and Milton Harris said that he was an ex lead horse at bally Doyle. And that was almost insinuating that they were forcing him, like the Seabiscuit film. Seabiscuit being forced to have other rained back to have other horses go past him. That's not what they do at belly do it. So I don't buy into that at all. I think it was just an excuse on the day for all that I admire Milton Harris a great deal. These great trainer. But it just seemed as though they were trying to pluck excuses from the air. And I have a question mark about him now. Nose red is exciting. And I still think that was a good run behind it was a very impressive run on debut in the context of things. It wasn't a horrible run behind lassie mav, considering how good she is. The day against blood destiny is a little bit harder to explain. Why didn't he get somewhat closer there? And the fact that he hasn't had a breathing operation, but he's wearing a tongue. I would concern me. I've got a bit of a theory here. Do you think that I think the ground was more testing at fairy house last time? Then it was at leopardstown. Yeah, it was soft. It made a couple of mistakes, and I just wonder when you look at this flat pedigree. Whether he just struggled to jump out of that ground for me. I think it would be much better suited to a decent surface at kempton. It's good ground officially at the moment. He's got a flat pedigree by golden hall. I think the conditions of this race will suit him much better. I think we'll see him jump better. I'm going to play the reverse forecast here. Rare Middleton and Israel, because if that comes off, it'll pay very well. A script writer is going to make the market. If script writer wins, then that roar, I let out when live on air, I discovered with Mark that he had just won on the old weather as 11 to one. You will hear again. So I'd be delighted if he does go and win. I like paddy Brennan. I like Milton Harris, and I like the horse, but I'm with you rare Middleton. We'll move on to the pendle, novices chase two 25. I wonder we'll rare middles and make it into the bed deck multiple at the end of the show. I suspect it will. 50 grid with winning is going to the injured jockeys fund. So far, they've had no threat of getting that money, but this is the weekend. Let me turn it around. All right, the pendle novices chase great to boot hill as the 7 to four favorite for Harry fry and Jonathan Burke.

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