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Wires crossed wires now up. We have crossed these people live. Oh y'all are crazy. The camel hidden. We got people right. Now yes this guy. You don't wanna tell me. Are you still with you. Yes yes yes. I am or your or yoga savvy shoppers. Yeah i'm trying to get into that part. I do yoga. yoga's only time. I could do the splits. Ooh you do yoga hot yoga on it. Yeah tv i'm sorry i'm going to karzai. Not on purpose. You see mile away okay. Read them like that. You gotta scan nine keskin. I'm lucky reading. Okay okay read. It doesn't tell me some. Say my buddy watches. Hey baby because under you're gonna see the end of the day. I got a lot of likes from somebody. Just the pitcher. But i don't know somebody just came into her back kept getting thrown antwon will. Most medicine was the man. He killing me free promo everywhere. I swear he killing me the back. Yes absolutely every everybody wanna to go live with it. I like to be in the background in the corner in the book. If you look through this whole live at this point just no. I'm not ended up much. Yoga home are you bring in. There is it. It's got to shut the viewers. You know you hear checking what ladies and ladies nine you know saying gene black. He's always off i lying. I'm i am going to do this to you. Because we definitely been a mini shows together but I'm gave me some air force. Wanna just because i know you've got a lotta exclusive things in your closet and i know you like anything i had. I knew i knew you have one in the closet. That was a no question. You saw this man shoo game for years. So you know as i always do. Show your shoe game you know drip check video better support that man and paying tired these people at the camera back on the camelback. Hey listen. I told general do cameras. That's that's all. I'm the host. You guys are the best. She hopes she hit the button shadow. Too young to clean. i. I am including. You're quite right. I queen this has value. It has worked. It has to right. It's up to us to charge for. We gave them some wish. I could use it. You gave him a lot. You gave them a live like just last summer when of people that you know you are truly invested in you see like you say on the scene a lot like this is like a reunion and location is what we do. Lots of like. Should we better to hear from you. Say eight o'clock. That's how me feel. i did that. come about brandy. Gotta think about it. Like shutout dash radio twenty two because honestly y'all kobe. This is my first time actually being in this radio station. Because i know i'm used to studio twenty two so don't worry about about the twenty to me but you know it was like my whole liar. Mix see the 'cause i wa. I was this on at the. I'll call it the basements over there. There's swear to got. It was just like this but it his basement. So it's like this a like he had that you know like historic like you can't even milwaukee you know doing a lot then tied to you can't just doing a lot and it's like you see somebody that the lane that you in and he really definitely is about support and he's definitely about being there like hundred dash canaan so's anything this year because does like he added another show for san this year from me. Are our us. Bart bay doing a show. No i'm talking about Podcasters given exclusive exclusively in the world. Steel talk you know facebook's it's not that exclusive if i read it on tape tonight. I well no comment. The live is off so we can't nobody will know. I don't know maybe cuvee something like this. You know shoot i. I'm not about to let all the cat out of the bag. You just gave me the hoarder like. That's the reason a lot of things right. I see your hoarding facts or interesting things as long as important doubtful horton alive playing right. Now i don't know you got double vogue o seattle. Just ask and i'll just. Can i ask you a question. This this stragglers was based off of tonight tonight. five yes. Do you have ladies night on the did i miss it. You know but like all the queen's took the highlight of the the whole playlist. I feel like the playlist is too long. Let me ask you another question. What is our curfew. here are. curfew is like in the next few minutes. actually yeah. we're getting cut four kids. No big deal. I know it's only sunday night. Living what i appreciate. Y'all coming it's ten o'clock a five four and three and if that works. Those in those are yours by. You didn't plan that out very well out at all. i'm last. Three kids are horrible. Birth i what the birth control that didn't work. Okay so the first one. I got the right so i'm like okay. Never go use that again. We ain't got the depth after him are pregnant. Not the deputies shot never to do that again. Girl the third one. I did the the newborn and i was breastfeeding. Which is a natural right former birth control. Yep i got pregnant. Within four months shot up girl and.

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