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Yes. It's cold outside. Isn't there? Hera shea. Luckily here in the studio, it's me Michael leaders, always sitting across from David Jenkins as little white lies and Beth. Welcome back. Beth GP salutations, Michael. Which is my favorite phrase from one of the firms that we are going to be reviewing today to find out which is we go on right? Yes. Before we do. Do. We have any other business from from the towers, all right from the wise. Yes, probably worth mentioning top. The Michalik Hannah has just yesterday has returned from the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah where she caught I believe fifteen new unseen world premiere movies and has reviewed a large portion of on our website and. Having read most of them the one that she really loved was the new film by the British direct to John Hawke souvenir, which stars Tilda Swinton and her daughter in the lead role on Swinton. I'm super excited for in that makes his way to the UK. And I gets it. I'm very excited to so a bunch of reviews tap, she. So the Sheila be film, didn't she? She's so Honey, boys. Well, which is the alma L Hurrell directed like memoir written by Charlotte birth about his own childhood in which he plays his father. Yes, maybe coming to a cinema near you, kind of a risk-taking distributor feels a bit frisky. Let me send that's London in which case charts to get really interested to see what comes over this. Yeah. At the ready to Netflix Boso changing. both Netflix. Thank sort Americanism. It must be it doesn't slip into my date glitch. But them. Massacre doesn't quite the same now punch. Does it and it means something completely different? They're both. So chainsaw difference. We need a tree surgeon dimes answers on a postcard. Speaking of reviews, we have this week's new releases to get through. I we have two great films to pay through this week. So let's crank on up. I is kind of forgive me..

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