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Unaffected areas then dropped over time possible factors include access to healthcare and medications you're more about hurricanes and diabetes and are beyond the news podcast on the I heart radio app Gordan bird newsradio WFLA more red light cameras are coming to manatee county commissioners voted on Tuesday to put them up the two intersections where sheriff's office study determined crashes were rapidly on the rise commissioner misty is Sylvia supports the move these red light cameras do change our behavior definitely more cautious at the intersection and that's going to save lives and money officials say this is not to generate revenue but to cut down on crashes. land to improve Saint Pete Clearwater airport is on schedule after Pinellas county commissioners approved an FAA funding grant worth twenty million dollars airport director Thomas Jews very tells news channel eight the airport is seen explosive growth the money will be going towards of rehabilitating our primary or carry one way to ensure that we continue to maintain a safety factor in two thousand six the airport's main carrier a legions offered twelve destinations today the airline provides fifty five nonstop flights out of Saint Pete Clearwater it's five oh five eight newsradio WFLA this is a Bloomberg market minute the news on trade one from encouraging to negative Tuesday and that was before the latest political turmoil in Washington stocks ended lower Daniel Morris of BNP para Bartels Bloomberg investors have learned to live with volatility certainly when there's good news the market rallied on that we share with all of you see it but I think we're all quite aware at this point that even if there appears to be an agreement that can change the next day American and Chinese trade officials are scheduled to meet in Washington in October reports on sales of newly built homes and mortgage applications will put the housing sector in focus today Nike checked in after the bell reporting stronger than expected quarterly sales and earnings Cabey home and pier one imports release their quarterly results today Best Buy holds its investor meeting in New York today the consumer electronics retailer will detail a plan to branch out into healthcare.

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