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Why isn't it done yet aren't your castration by. Cdw people who get it. Find out more at cdw dot com slash dell emc. Hey welcome back to the show. We are so psyched to have this dude on. I honestly miss seeing him at the store. I miss seeing him out in the world at comedy festivals. But i do every time. I watch a broncos game. I think of him and his special relationship with john elway. He is brad williams. How are you sir. How are you getting through this pandemic with a tiny baby weight when you said how are you. I thought the first we're going to references. How am i dealing with the fact that my personal lord and savior john. Elway does have covert. Let's talk about that. He just got tested positive for john. Internees okay whiskey. Yeah let's get into that. Jeez i didn't know that you've been hanging out at his steakhouse too much. What's going on. It's weird to say that. I could actually contact him and his family to get inside information. It's weird that i can say that now. But he's doing well he's not. He has symptoms. But they're not a heavy and they're just gonna kinda hang in there as a family staying kind of separated right now to make sure everyone is ok but so i want to say too much of their business their business. Yeah i read. I read that. I read that headline. I was like twenty twenty. Now you've gone too far. That was the thing that pushed you over the edge. That was it. Yeah i was cool with the rest of it. I believe you're cool with the rest of it. I cannot believe that that's of course. I wasn't too literally. I'm joking i'm joking myself but Yeah i know that that hurts. That hurts. I mean i. I watched one series Your defense is good. But i watched one series of offense with the and i'm he's such forgettable quarterback drew lock to lock. Yeah yeah i. I was like drew. Lock drew luck. I have no idea what his name is. i think he went to missouri. I just i like this guy is like more forgettable than chase. Daniel's and a team that had case. Keenum chase daniel's the case keenum of drew locks. It's so weird. And i don't know if you guys have this being from saint louis but like not a lot of people know a lot of bronco fans out if your los angeles so like. I'm everyone's bronco representative so when anything happens denver broncos. My phone is like when my phone lights up. I go all right either. The broncos did something There's a new viral dwarf video or both. Both both maybe drew lock unzips himself and and it turns out to dwarves on top of one another. That would be the greatest. Oh my god. That'd be the greatest. Yeah but yes so. So i knew it. My phone blew up. That i mean. Of course of course. I was watching the game on sunday. Where when chargers really thrilling may have been a game of the day and my favorite comment from a friend who was I think we know this person usually. There's a comic producer out here named Katie anderson and yeah you guys don't get to be and he tacky. Use the charger fan. So text me. Drew drew lock. Has a very punishable fits yes. That's fair that's one hundred percent fair. Well i mean. I feel like there are other pieces in place that you that you shouldn't feel bad about. I mean i think jerry jeudy is a very exciting piece i think. Melvin gordon is an exciting piece. I think not a bad like you've got pieces. You just you start to see a good line and a good quarterback is the difference between a great team. I mean when was the last time now. When was the last time. But like the denver broncos one. We may had your buddy the greatest quarterback of Of the franchise in in your but also when they had paid manning manning who is also my guy not because i've ever met a but because we share a similar foreheads. He's got a glorious forehead and he we met him and he's like the best dude ever he's exactly what you want him to be and more. Yeah he's just a wonderful. Do yeah so when you had elite quarterback play is when you're good. I don't think and call me crazy but i'm gonna make this statement and this is a bit of a heartache. I don't think just a general team can win anymore. I think have to have a quarterback that can put you like. You can't do it with the kirk cousins of this world kirk cousins not gonna win you anything you know what i mean case keenum anything. Those guys are may get you to the charity golf. I don't even know that. Jared goff is necessarily going to win you anything..

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