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Is currently blocked off to traffic slowing a bit to get by south bend seventy five though that's in great shape running less than ten minutes out of Auckland into town chucking removes radio seven hundred WLW welcome is forecast for the advanced dentistry weather center from social distancing in pre screening patients to appropriate PP our focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety we're in for another warm and seasonal forecasts for one that is also not humid outside will start at sixty two and warm to eighty three and this guy today sunny to mostly sunny tonight very few clouds up there low fifty nine in the tomorrow does turn partly cloudy is a weak cold front comes through our high it's about seventy five in the front might produce an isolated shower but most will stay dry from your severe weather station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Jennifer catchmark news radio seven hundred WLW it is sixty nine degrees right now right as clear demonstrators back on the streets of the tri state yesterday rally in blue ash to protest the death of George Floyd peace caravan was held on Kenwood road before a rally in the town square looking at the people who were doing things to make a change I'm encouraged that my boys will be okay that eventually will be okay Camberley res one of the organizers of the event talking to nine news March plans afternoon in Oakley and Hyde Park it will start at one o'clock in Madison park across from Withrow high school rallies planned as well tomorrow in fort Thomas Mason university of Cincinnati will be returning to campus for fall classes but the schedule is being adjusted because.

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