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Like I just mentioned, I'm a thinker. And I think for the Toronto Maple Leafs, there's got to be just one of the key words for them is hatred going into the playoffs, a little bit of hate, maybe a lot of hate for the Tampa Bay lightning, hate the results of the past, and just hate the idea of not winning the series. So if you kind of put all that hatred together, it might make you play harder and just hate the questions of losing and just hate all the stuff in the past and put that some of that hate towards the lightning. Maybe they might be in business. I think there's one thing that sticks in my mind. They got to be really careful. And that's Tampa dry tries to drag the game into the mud. And the leafs are going to show everybody how tough they are. And then they start scrolling and punching people in the face temple do that all day. And they'll be happy doing it. It takes children a lot of their game. Yeah, and to show up and be in scrums is important. And if you want to tell guys to F off, go ahead. But I'll tell you what. If they want to take stupid penalties and the player I mentioned, I'm going to mention just took one the other night, but on the other side of it, if you want to take a stupid penalty, the one of the most dangerous people on earth on the power play is that 86 for Tampa. He will crush you single handedly the way he shoots the puck the way he distributes the puck and the way he creates plays on there. He is one of the best people on earth on the power play the way he just wheels around, and so can be involved in muddy the waters a little bit if you want to. But if you want to do something stupid, that guy's going to make you pay. That is going to be one

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