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That i still think rogge would be good at that job much better than if he tried to be iraq unless if you wanted to be an actor and was in like a movie like to three hundred or something or if he played like conan the barbarian you know he could probably do that but if he asked that talk with if he asked the act comes just i don't i don't i don't donald sie it he's built for the he's built for the world of wrestling he has that kind of personality he's like that all the time you know if i was his age and i would say that's that's the one that's the one free if you don't wanna play football do this and tell them you don't want to be doing any of that to hell on the said jumping off the jumping off that cage stuff okay you know you can save that for mankind and do wherever else the jeff ardian again i really don't no one of wrestlers the talk like this put it while i even i know they don't russel they don't russell anymore i don't i don't know mankind's he's gone i did jeff hart i remember jeff hearty jumping off of tall buildings in cages and stuff and landed like grants not doing any of that all right he's not gonna be flipping around like superfly jimmy snuka but if it's just him going in there you know thrown a couple of big punches and couple of shoulder blocks and not on out whatever's finishing move ends up being fine okay go for it is probably it'd probably is career last longer i think than if he tries to keep playing football he's considering retirement right now how realistically how many more years do you think he's got him six one seven seven seven nine zero 985 is the phone number a quick break looking back and wrap things up next and then send it.

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