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When I was in in Europe I don't know did I mention that I was there did a few so in Amsterdam? I'm good place to keep a little hot leaf also zipper pocket by the way credits you you were quick to realize that you had mentioned the Europe trip to like two or three times and then jump on though I'm a big guy now. I'm making the joke that I would because you did did the first two times. You didn't realize no time you knew Oh shit. I've mentioned this like three times better get in front of when I was over there. I was like I'm GonNa come back and be that guy. That's like I went to museums. Yeah experienced some culture. It's actually very nice over there and you were lazy the American Way and understand and you worry burdock free nunchucks Promo Code take an FR zippers. I just added that to the deal. Free Zippers put him Promo Code. Take per dogs dot com okay here. He is Jaguars coach Doug Marrone. Okay we now welcome on our good friend. Recurring guests is the head coach of Jacksonville Jaguars Doug marrone he just walked in with I'd say about a dozen sandwiches from the Bronx on the Bronx pepperoni bread Baloney Sandwiches <music> hot and mild sauce onto a billy Joel concert. You could what what's better than that New York night. I said <hes> I got you know. I'm here today on Barstool tonight. Billy Joel tomorrow the Yankees and I'm in a big time New York state of Mind Yeah The New York state also frying up Baloney Gills over there man in the grill while you're watching it and listening to it and I'm actually gaining weight right now and the other thing too. What's funny is when I eat the Fried Bologna and I start to sweat later on tonight? I'll actually start smelling again. Big Guys like myself. I want that door of it is yeah or yeah I could get a little bit..

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