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The bill. For added security. Homeland security the various agencies at the disposal of the United States government. The total Bill for added security and associated projects tied into what happened at nine eleven. Up to this point. That Bill is two point eight trillion that's trillion with a t. It has been two point eight trillion dollars just in the United States. I'm thanking England Germany the rest of the world, but the Bill for the added safety and security measures taken by the United States since nine eleven. Two point eight trillion dollars. So it's back this up a little bit. Which that means if there had been no nine eleven. Well, the will be a different place in a lot of a lot of ways. But two point eight trillion dollars think of that would that would have done for medical research think what that would have done to help eliminate any number of hideous diseases or poverty think of it that number headed replied to educational systems across the United States. Part of the. Collateral damage if you would from nine eleven. One muscle megabit came across. We'll take the break of the bottom of the hour. Then we will radically shift topics to some lighter things. Thank you very much. Something else. I came across it. I think bears repeating. If you remember nine eleven the the world, basically was put into limbo is the that day in for the days afterwards, as I mentioned where I was scheduled to go to London with my wife and some family members nine twelve. And so they were wondering about how we're gonna get to England. I was just trying to wonder what's going to happen because there were no flights anywhere. Everything was grounded everything was frozen. I still think that had had those terrorist been able to get down one or two other planes. They would have brought the entire world com economy to a standstill. But in all of this. There are always those other stories. That gives you faith in humanity. Still here's one of them. I found this on on believe it or not the website is mental flaws. But it's a good story. Is in the immediate aftermath of September eleventh attacks, our Canadian neighbors sprang into action to help clear American airspace of any other potentially dangerous flights and something else that perhaps escaped our attention. Or as time went by. We forgotten about the action was known as operation yellow ribbon in those uncertain first hour after the attacks. It was hugely helpful the mission. Also, meet a tiny town in Newfoundland world-famous toss metality. Canadian authorities began to hurting flights hitting into the US to various locations around Canada helped neutralize any lingering threats. But the task was a tricky one. It wouldn't have made much sense to pull flights away from American airspace. Only to route them to Canada's major centers. So the idea landing spots for these planes had to be relatively remote. While also having a large enough airport to accommodate all the traffic as luck would have it candidate had just such an airport. In gander Newfoundland. The tiny town only bills to ten thousand residents, but what it lacked in population size it more than made up for in airport. Capacity, gander international airport had previously served as a refueling stop for transatlantic flights, and it served as a staging point for u boat hunting flights during World War. Two gander ended up receiving thirty eight flights in the wake of the September eleventh attacks second only to Halifax's forty seven diverted flights. For any sort of airport to have that number of flights even two or three diverted is huge thirty eight flights. The article goes on to.

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