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Seventy WFL. A weather is next. It's the biggest music festival of the year. And it's coming to the CW radio music festival. Don't miss the iconic performances. Back here. Powerful moments. We're all proud to be Vegas. The city of everything you stand for. Want to watch. You miss watch. Our must see iheartradio music festival. This Sunday and Monday night at eight PM on CW, forty four a Florida orchestra goes baroque for an intimate evening at box coffeehouse, go back to a simpler time with a virtuoso strings of the Florida orchestra performing baroque greatest hits that have been popular for more than two hundred years featuring Bach's Brandenburg concerto number three along with familiar music from Telemann and Vivaldi all led by world renowned conductor and harpsichord soloist Jeannette Sorrell free performances October twenty six th through the twenty eight in Tampa. Saint Pete Clearwater tickets start at just eighteen dollars plus kids and teams get in free to this and all Tampa Bay times masterworks concerts, whether it's date night or family time. Nothing beats the Florida orchestra live. Don't miss an intimate evening at box coffeehouse, featuring the virtuoso string players of. The Florida orchestra believe me. They are incredible. That's October twenty six th through the twenty eighth tickets at Florida orchestra dot ORG. Most big box store customers have to replace their patio furniture. After just a few years. But you don't have to because.

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