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Maybe you're not even ready to sign up because you haven't quite finished your website. You're not sure the website address or you want to have a specific email. I get all that. Make sure you're ready for prime time. Okay? Because there were many times we will get information and they've maybe misspelled the website. Or we're not necessarily sure the phone number. Something's were unclear. You want to make it very simple and easy, not only for us but your potential potential customers, and it doesn't matter if you've done it last year. We want to hear from you again. It doesn't matter if you've done it for the past four or five years. We want to hear from you again. We love doing this. And if you've heard the show before you know what's gonna happen and a lot of times it's unintentionally funny. They're just some. There's some promotions were like, I don't know if I could read that on the year, but they're really They're really funny to call any other recommendations because I know there's some things I might have for gotten. Um, no, I mean again. Clarity is key to think of it, as you are also writing your own commercial that that is very, very serious. Because when we read it, we read it as you write it. Yes. You write it in a way that sounds crazy. Your business in front of the hundreds and thousands of people listening on Ko Phi and across the country, really on I r radio. They're going to hear it. So if your business sounds crazy and what you send us That's how it's coming out. I'm just going to leave this before we go to break because we have J. J. J. J. The boss coming up. Street Racer from Memphis knew his show on Discovery Channel. It's really good. We're going to get into that next, but I want to leave you with this. A large portion of our listener ship. Listens by I heart radio. Meaning that you will connect with people all around the world. But people don't listen on terrestrial radio anymore. They're listening on the I heart radio app so you can reach people outside of just this California Southern California area. Think about that people from all around the country, maybe even all around the world. Will be able to hear your business being promoted. So go to Kei. If I am 6 40 dot com right now, and if you're not ready to sign up, look at the form. So you know all the information that we're asking for and be ready to become a star. On K. If I This is the Mo Kelly Show. We're gonna talk some street racing when we come back. Can't I am 6 40. We're live everywhere on the I heart radio app now Klytus Tiffany and has the news. Feidin.

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