Bram Stoker discussed on The Paper Donkey Podcast - S2 EP7: PDP goes to BEA BookCon 2017!


Amazing as someone who said he is letter her in loves literature are their particular like things about writing that you finally compelling or things about authors are literature in general that you find fascinating in that you really drawn to yeah i think it's interesting that authors are usually such a specific type of person and i think as one of those types of people books in general and classic novels communique emotion to me in a way that nothing else really can i think words have a certain power that no other medium can have to be really subjective to the reader where a movie you know there's an image everyone else's seeing the same image on the screen but with a book someone my read it and picture a different character according to whatever assumptions they have in their mind already that affects they're reading experience affects the emotions experience as they read and has a different impacts on them and i think it's really interesting to see what different people have as different experiences as they read and it makes for a really different kind of interactive experience between readers and authors as well are you in literature student as well i'm not a just graduated from college with graphic design major you can design the book jacket yeah bad the fact that so many people even though it the old adage don't by its cover but so many people are drawn to book design a you know you look at classics like moby dick or like bram stoker's dracula with a redesigned the covering so many different ways each to appeal the different audiences speaking of classics of the literature of of people that you've read who studied what do you think they would have thought of something like but con.

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