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Knowledge of his deliberations Patrick joined former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who announced last week that he's also considering a run from the Rocky Mountains to New England people dealing with below normal temperatures and snow this man's in Chicago feels too early for snow it's yes I've been here six years I've never experienced winter coming so early you know full totals could reach up to a foot or more in some areas of Indiana Michigan in Vermont that's according to the National Weather Service more than nine hundred fifty flights were cancelled at Chicago's airports and officials in the area opened warming centers America is listening to fox news your shot at one thousand dollars now tags the nationwide two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation it is nationwide contest slash two hundred two hundred now your storm team ten forecast powered by Duncan pumpkin season is here at Duncan coffees lot Tay's donuts and more mostly cloudy mid forties overnight mild departed Tuesday will be through nine AM of the temperature in the low fifties in the rain moves in rain change to wet snow briefly in the afternoon ends between five and six PM with not much more than a coating to maybe an inch in spots biggest dory Tuesday with the temperature drop falling through the thirties into the twenties overnight icy spots develop as the wind chill drops into the single digits by Wednesday morning I'm storm team ten meter all just mark sorrels on newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM Hey this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans quicken loans is celebrating our best quarter ever and now we're celebrating some of the lowest refinancing rates ever rates have dropped so much that many Americans can reduce their rate you may be able to save money on your monthly mortgage payment right now the rate today in our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is three point nine nine percent APR four point one eight percent call us at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com to learn more rates subject to change a one point three seven five percent features a discounted rate offer cost information conditions equal housing lender lessons in all fifty states analysts number thirty thirty on my first patrol my adrenaline was pumping always on high alert after a while it takes a toll I was counting the days that I came home to my family.

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