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I don't think we should throw all those away yet. We have a season 10 episodes of stories from that round. Things that were just barely saved and in some cases, not saved it all. A bizarre tale of two infamous New Yorkers will be trapped their home and turned it into the shield fortress of ephemera, a missing chapter of American music history. There hasn't been a guess culturally that they matter so they get thrown in the garbage, a decade's worth of original television lost to the airwaves. It's over. It's ephemeral. You're gonna see something. You like that right to work Law in Wisconsin. The Democrats have their way It will be gone gone with the stroke of a pen. We'll talk about that. Coming up on the program, Tony Evers seems to think that it's a good idea to legalize weed. In Wisconsin without having a debate. Just wants that inserted in the budget. Well, why? Why would you want to have a conversation about how you might actually legalize weed now, But we will talk about that as well. How does it How's it going? For the states that legalized marijuana. The whole argument for Woz revenue Revenue. Well, our closest neighbor, of course, is Illinois. Illinois has legal recreational pot. Illinois just announced that its latest budget is $6 billion in the hole. $6 billion.1 of the very few businesses Illinois did not shut down. During the crisis where We'd shops And yet somehow It did not help. Illinois legalized weed, but we will chat about that coming up on the program. Tom Brady is a racist and he's white. I'll get to that. Ryan Owens on the program University, Wisconsin professor of political science, also the director of the Tommy G. Thompson Center on public Learning. To talk about what to do strategies on dealing with the assault on free speech. Massive assault on guns coming our way as well. Here. I'm a quickly tell you why Tom Brady is a racist. Well, he's a racist because he's white. That's it. I didn't watch the Super Bowl. Don't care. Don't care about Tom Brady. I think it's funny that a 43 year old man led a team for the what seventh time. He defeated a 25 year old man. I mean, you know, he's got almost 20 years on the homes. I thought that was kind of entertaining just as a story. I didn't watch it, though. But Tom Brady's a racist. Because Patrick Mahomes is half black. And it was black History month. When the Super Bowl was held. And so Tom Brady..

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