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What are ready he's our Korean I'm Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I was just going through the different threads on Twitter and just happened to come upon Kimberly Stross Ole and we had said earlier about the the FISA court slamming the FBI we said okay that's good but it didn't go far enough and right and you know and and here's what she wrote it's great that the FISA court slam the FBI and the knowledge of the the obvious the deceiving a surveillance court is a great thing but the follow on order is pathetic as it is essentially please tell us how you intend to do better really courts have the ability to discipline those who undermine the integrity of our courts function they can even appoint special investigators is the court not curious if this behavior happen another warrants and if court importers imposed sanction isn't revel in here it should be and if court imposed sanction isn't revel in here when is it which is why you when I said is a FISA court hiding something do they allow things to go through that they believe they they believe that they'll be criticized on by Congress right if it if it's found out later on did they believe not the evidence but the people presenting it to them did they give them the credibility the people presenting it and not the actual evidence do they do exactly what a secret court is not supposed to do so they need to come out strong against it but not hold anybody accountable right then come out and say well the procedures needed to be followed when it's not the procedures were worried about is our procedures are fine receive we know the procedures were exculpatory evidence must be told the court yes don't lie to the court right that's not procedures that's people well and here's the thing is that the date if if the court was rubber stamping of the FISA court was rubber stamping and we've been asking that since the beginning well I guess maybe a little after we started asking other questions about the FISA warrants but the the question would be wise okay just because of the integrity of those presenting the application for the warrant you're going to rubber stamp this thing and and it's going to go through because the FBI wanted because the director is on board fort because a senior agent is asking you for because of anything else along those lines were you just hand credibility to the signature and not look at the viability in the content of what is being presented to you in terms of the evidence not asking any questions not not not taking those that are applying for that warrant to task by asking questions because the question should be there should be an automatic questioning of those on the application I I mean it shouldn't have to be this way but if I revise the judge I would I would respond by saying am I getting all exculpatory evidence here if so sign here is I'm gonna hold you responsible as a fighter jock yet hate of fights.

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