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Today. A couple of ducks reach milestones in the team's win over the capital Sunday night before the game hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had his number twenty seven retired. He kept on the team to it's only Stanley Cup in two thousand seven. He's also the ninth player in the NHL history to have his number retired by two teams, the devils retired his number back in twenty eleven and goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice after two months making twenty three saves against the capitals giving him three hundred seventy five career wins. That makes them the all time wins leader by a US board goaltender breaking. It's high with John Vanbiesbrouck Miller called it a nice moment saying when he was growing up watching hockey, then B's Brooke was definitely a goal. He looked up to. A new digital services tax, targeting, Google, Facebook and other online giants is being introduced in New Zealand companies earned plenty of money, but pay little in taxes, prime minister just into our Dern says the current tax system isn't fair, and there's a gap that needs to be closed. He says under the proposal multinational online companies would be taxed at about two or three percent and the revenue they generate in New Zealand. She says the rates in line with other countries considering similar taxes revenue minister, Stuart Nash says the tax could be implemented next year. One of the subjects of one of the most famous photographs of the twentieth century has died. The ecstatic sailor shown kissing a woman in Times Square, celebrating the end of World War, Two George. Ben Johnson passed away at an assisted living facility in Middletown. Rhode Island at age ninety five he was shown kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman a dental assistant in a nurse's uniform on August fourteenth, nineteen Forty-five known as VJ day the day, Japan, surrendered to the United States Friedman died in two thousand sixteen at the age of ninety two years after the photograph the two were confirmed to be the couple in the image by Alfred Eisenstadt. Radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump's.

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