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Fall i guess while skiing so that's why on there i thought those a whole bit on a crashing needed the crotch it absolutely okay i love jodie foster who she we we need her in another movie don she's not in a whole lot he does a lot at she does mostly directing now and i believe he directed jennifer lawrence in can't remember and was an arm was not casey affleck supposed to be in general lawrence's position yes but he has since withdrawn yes since smarter mood yeah martin if we haven't heard a peep out of him now on time by yell and you know who else james franco's kinda well he appeared somewhere last week in new york because he's filming the duce's see that's ray that's raisin into other than that he's been kind of quieter you didn't hear anything about the disasters of and get one bester it was nominated for best screenplay adaptation or something like that and that was the only thing i mean he was a it was the talk of the town up until uh yeah those allegations came out of gas james franco so let us that's what happened i saw that with a man had la okay so best director and best picture went to phnom among what's the fish shape of wa and you haven't seen that one yet i have not seen it but i am intrigued by very much sell it is you know i and i thought this is going to win i thought it was gonna win for best picture and a you know everyone else kind saying it was but this is a movie it's extremely divisive i guarantee you most of the united states of america would hate this movie why it's bets artzi fart see it's bizarre it's ed takes a lot of twists and turns that could really you know not really good resonate with most people like eight i i get and there's a lot of people on an mitag staff who have seated they didn't really care for.

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