Donald Trump, Twitter, Saudi Arabia discussed on Mark Belling


Stocks rose on Thursday despite new data that showed a record six point six million workers filed jobless claims last week roughly double the number from two weeks ago gains in the market pushed higher later in the day after president trump suggested on Twitter that talks between Saudi Arabia and Russia could lead to a cut in oil production by ten to fifteen million barrels oil had its best day on record thirteen twenty four percent at the close the Dow was up four hundred sixty six points to twenty one thousand four hundred ten the S. and P. is up fifty six and the nasdaq is up one hundred twenty six points from the coal investment group I'm Aaron Spitzer good afternoon this is the mark Belling late afternoon show on newstalk eleven thirty W. Y. as I talk about a lot about how life is nothing but a matter of perspective there's nine thousand different ways you can say the same thing including it's easy to shoot off.

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