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WBZ news time three forty one. The biggest iphone release ever expected to take place this afternoon during annuals apples, and you will fall product event WWF as Rodman spoke in depth with Roger Chan the executive editor of c not news. Tell me what you're hearing in the grapevine. Yeah. So the the speculation is for three new iphones similar to last year. To I found that look similar to last year's iphone ten very same the same details. Quality screen, and then the most intriguing is at third iphone, which is going to be bigger than the beta lashes, iphone ten but cheaper. So. Just how cheaper how much less is the phone still remains to be seen? But definitely a couple of new Rickles for the launch for this year. Any hint as to what some of the new features might be that will entice buyers. You can imagine that the camera will get an upgrade they're going to spend a lot of time talking to the camera not a huge amount of features. That been serviced spoken about really. It's really more about this larger sized iphone ten successor as well as this cheaper iphone that that's got a lot of people interested in what's going to happen. And when it gets to these larger screens are we reaching a maximum size. Or can they still get bigger? They can still get bigger. The biggest one this is like the most expensive. They're super premium. One is a is rumored to be a six point five inch display, which is really one of the bigger smartphones out there bigger than Samsung's jumbo galaxy note nine. What they managed to do is squeeze into a slightly smaller body because they've removed the Bengals just like last year's iphone ten but still going to be a pretty big phone. It's going to be pretty cumbersome to hold for folks who are guess comfortable holding the old seven plus or eight plus should be that big a deal. But yeah. Soldiers are getting bigger people want more screen more screen real estate. And so I think apple just feeding that demand. How important is this launch this release of the new iphones to the company? There is absolutely critical to apple iphones makeup still a majority of the revenue for the company and really is the the keystone product lineup. Apple is ramping up its services business. You know, things like it's apple music. I tunes the app store but allow that flows through iphone if you don't own an iphone, you're not likely to describe your any services. So really the the key to apple success is the continued success of the on franchise. Also, hearing chatter that beyond the iphone apple will finally released a redesigned version of the chapel watch and similar to the iphone ten and it'll have a tack in a larger display by shaving off the vessels and the new iphone set to be launched at about one o'clock this afternoon. We'll..

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