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Milestone, and we transition seamlessly in our buffet from the Turkey to actually know coming up next is clearly the Turkey. Mike Leach who gives us great soundbites about tracking a raccoon and his backyard or why he hopes that aliens exist and Bigfoot and this time he was asked if there was a brawl between all the coaches in the Pac twelve all the football coaches who would win this is what he had to say or based on their players. Kyle would be I mean those guys hitches ours. Anybody in the conference, let's see in good shape. Okay. So. Kevin Herm Edwards is in great shape. And we think am I missing anybody. I don't really care if they get ticked off his actually, privately, I think I would. But we're going to be more modest than that. I'm going to say Cuyler her for sure. Both in shape for YV simple this age if in shape, you got a chance they're both in great shape. You know, you look I mean, they're both shape. They both exercise. Christobal oregon. You don't wanna get tied up with him. You don't wanna you? Don't wanna let him get his hands on you. Because he has big and he's got long levers. You don't want to get those things on danjus. So there's no question. Formidable for sure. Coach would you leave sphere? I can't say that. No, no, no. We already went down that whole way to four. All right. I love it. And I love how he entertains the question. So I'm putting you on the spot fits. Yeah. ESPN daily radio schedule. Who is the most formidable foe? And who is the easiest I will remind.

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