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Welcome to this week's episode of Blue Skies Strategy Groups Canadian podcast. What you need to know about this speak in Canadian politics? I'm Alison Fair and joining me this week. My colleagues Jeff Turner Camera Hallstrom and Neil Brodie Happy Friday everyone morning so we finally got all. The kids are back in Ottawa. Back to school and we kicked it off with the speaker of the House. A comments which I think all of us were quite surprised about We Will Miss Jeff Regan and then we had this speech from the Throne Jeff Let's start with you. Your thoughts on the overall overall content of the speech big day in Ottawa. Yesterday it is just Without a partisan hat on it's always really really sort of reassuring reassuring to watch. I think political science terms what we call the peaceful transfer of power in this case. It's transferring from the government to itself but we go through all this pomp and circumstance stance and we have these We have these protocols and these these sort of a royal prerogatives and all these things because it's a stabilizing force and I think it's always nice to step back in kind of appreciate that. Our system of government does a very good job of evening us out and finding compromises and that's a good segue into what what is this throne speech it is. It is a document intended to start the conversation on compromises and I think the biggest surprise at a top line fine. I wouldn't call it a shock but it's just something we weren't expecting as much of was a bit more specificity in terms of a few specific programs or or specific mentions I think this sort of wisdom going in was that the government was willing to Do what most own speeches do which is paint the sort of broad landscape of the challenges and opportunities facing the country in the years ahead and then proposing how to go about solving solving those and a majority contacts like we saw in two thousand fifteen with the throne speech of the incoming Trudeau government. Typically that that is a a rehash of the campaign platform and the game that everybody would play in. That would be. Hey where's that one platform item seems to have been forgotten and is that a signal that it has auden. was there anything forgotten in your point of view in this renting's forgotten because you you just simply couldn't put the liberal platform and the throne speech and pretend to be interested collaborating with other parties. Not because those things are anathema to those parties I think we saw. There's a lot of shared ground in particular with and EP Social the policy the Conservatives have been opening up much ground to share or a bridge to walk across. I don't think we'll get into that wanted. Eat Yup But we found out if if if there was an additional if there was a ninth were that said oil than Mr Blanchette wouldn't voting for this so I I think they struck balance so what. I was surprised to see us that there are a few more items in there which will lead into the budget conversation with those two potential partners. My sense is the government would prefer to work with the the the blocker back while on the budget But whoever wants to stand behind this throne speech as a declaration of values and priorities. I think every party can see some value in this the questions by these values in playing along politically and what we saw. Some people lead flexing last week because they know the block in the past the government is going to fall today but make no mistake. I mean the number one thing going. Into all of twenty twenty years the Conservatives can't go and find election right now they're leaders imperil And they're they're volunteer basin as a campaign organization would be in disarray. They had to go to the polls two months from now. I mean how many people are going to open volunteer. When you're going through internal party divisions the end EP has less than no money And fewer candidates and have had some serious bruising in different parts of the country although they are trying their best to show it the block wants to stick around as long as possible because their newly relevant relevant again so they they have an interest in sticking around to so and the Liberals have proven leader. uh-huh yes that's right exactly Cam Cam. Jeff brought in there. The word compromise is there enough in that throne speech and will allow the MVP to work with the Liberal Party government. Excuse me this is interesting because I saw your eyes go well couple of his comments commitment. This is interesting because I don't take too much talking. What leaders have to say directly after a throne speech a minority? Because let's face facts. It's just a in. The speech is a statement of high minded ideals for most part. Yes most people have a hard time to scream especially in a minority context. You don't want to get too specific specific and we saw that. There wasn't a lot of specificity. They're eating for a what was there wasn't like knock me over the head. I'm stunned to see this. They're kind of specificity. Starting points the for the MVP even Jagmeet Singh reply to it. Was You know what we wanted to see a bit more we want to see action with all deference prince to meet a throne speech is not where you see action. It's an a legislative piece after so this is part of the dance you see is that you can't seem to be too happy with what you've seen. You can't seem seem to be too upset. And where do you go with this. And Yeah one of the spanners in the works. Here is the fact that you have the block who are just it. I find interesting playing the role. The frankly you used to use Lusa play all the time where he just basically said. I know where I am. You know. You don't want to admit it but it reminds me of the debate us to say well. I know I'm not going to be prime minister to have you know the same right. It's the same kind of role where he can just kind of be how he is and you saw that yesterday. He's like well. I'm going to support it. So that forces everyone else to readjust fast and for the PA how you have to be to be pushing for the things you want to see without maybe pushing too hard. That's kind of the fighting this so I think in the end because the block lock isn't going to back the bill back. I think Mcginn little more room to go with but in the end. There's a lot of things in there that that frankly weren't in the liberal platform. I noticed right away. A federal minimum wage age increase. Something that he's called for a long time and and get heckled about over all the time because just how many people fall under the federal minimum wage get there was. You know there are things like that. And they're the MVP has called for. Okay you can say you've gotten something so there's a few more days to the peace of this as well as people need to kind of calm down the rhetoric a group of it. This is not one of these situations that we saw the last minority where you know where there are always opportunities where the tension was much higher. It's just not there right now. So yeah I heard he over like when we were listening to it yesterday and going over the words in the in the speech you You mentioned possibly that The the wording over handguns ends In in there might not get the reaction from the MVP that the Trudeau government might want the the reaction to past memories and experiences. I wish I could forget To be honest let's face it when it comes to hand when it comes to gun legislation nations general there's history and that's long registry in. Everything came with that and obviously the MVP when that was a big issue at the time it wasn't divisive issue within the caucus us and within the membership It's one of the one of those areas of get one of those cleavages. You could hit in if you really wanted to make life difficult on somewhat and when I when I read quote miles first reaction when I heard that then when I read a little more closely I looked exactly what was said. I Pol these enact handgun gun bandstand. EP called for that. This salt style. assault style rifle ban that something and even called for in the past and the idea of a buyback program. I wouldn't be a D- D did Nestle hit on those areas but again in a in a minority in a in a situation you look at these things are closely how might play out and I can see how constituents of certain MP's will react and the pressures that puts on them to act a certain way and just the unintended consequences. That could bring about. But what I will say is this is that Ah we saw this in the Harper government's because obviously the situation was very different. There wasn't a natural dance partner. You saw a lot more. I called poison pills throwing in their something that somebody had to swallow to get through which made it difficult and and created issues like that. You didn't necessarily see that. There is nothing in there that I would look at. Maybe outside of the The handgun ban for the Conservatives as like a poison pill that was. There's no way I could swallow this. So and so neil poison pill Was it specific enough for the conservative because Andrea Sherr when he afterwards was look quite angry once again and not too thrilled with the contents anti the speech I think sometimes people confuse anger with earnestness or or concern You know people people used to Say See that Andrew Scheer was to smiley and now they say too angry while you know what it's one or the other so Perhaps he's just trying to be more serious Listen Fund fundraising for the Conservative Party of Canada was never better than when we were fighting against the long gun registry That's crass politics but it's the truth Millions millions and millions and millions of dollars poured into the Conservative Party Beginning the day after the liberal government brought into effect the long gun registry Whether Mr Trudeau follows through on what he's placed in this In this speech from the throne regarding Firearm policy is is yet to be seen seen But if he starts down that road We will conserve party will be financially ready for the next election sooner than anybody else anybody else. Any other party in Canada With respect to the rest of the speech from the throne you know the old adage used to be the liberals campaign to the left and governed from the right right now. They're showing that. They are campaigning from left and governing even further left There's there's nothing in here that Sorry right there's not much in here. That appeals to a small C conservative voter The casual conservative supporter There's there's some long-overdue stuff concerns about indigenous health For One Easier access to family doctors Mental health standards in the workplace. That these are all good things That any can he can get behind But as far as a Cross Partisan support I'd be surprised if More than twenty conservative showed up for the vote. Or they're all gonNa vote against it one one of the other. So do you think because in watching the political show's afterwards And my F- My friend and former colleague Don Martin said you know in in all the eight years he he's been covering it in myself as well. We've never seen a throne speech that actually gets to specific. So why were the conservatives like Michelle rental looked like. She was about to a cry on television. Why did the curve conservatives and this is maybe a question for all of you if you're on the party in that in reading in the speech are you telling them to go out there and just be so dramatic on? It isn't a good thing for Canadians to see this drama after the throne speech when there's not too much details in the words start with you Neil. The opposition's Role is to oppose so no matter. You Know Mr Mr Trudeau could've come out and said he's going to increase pipeline capacity across the country by four times and He's going to make sure that every every family gets a a firearm subsidy or You know there's going to be roads built between EDMONTON CALGARY RED deer north battle furred and the Conservative Party. Still going to pose it. Because that's what they have to do. characterizing it as people crying overly overly emotional about it is i. Think a bit of a stretch But the the the message from The Liberal Party and Mister Trudeau and and miss freeland since October. Twenty second is we have to listen to all of all Canadians and we have to govern for all Canadians Canadians..

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