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Write me on instagram at all major podcast or on twitter at Omega Particle underscore and I'd be happy to talk with you guys again. Let's move onto episode three of lower deck's. So this episode temporal edict. The kind of tease me at the beginning and I didn't like it. They were like higher. We're going to go to this peace mission with the Kardashians I was like Oh awesome. See the Kardashians after the dominion. More. NEW WE'RE GONNA. Go to Balkan and I was like man I really like pull the bag over my head because I got all jazzed up about the Kardashians and then now it's wet blanket time. Again. Not Just fancier raising I want to hear some good actual meat, just not a little plugs like that. But one of my biggest. And if it's hypocritical for me to say this, then just so be it. But one of my biggest pet peeves of this whole series ovar is comes in this episode and Captain Freeman after she gets the news of the Cerritos is going to go to Vulcan instead and Now Balkan I'm sorry his GonNa go on the gift delivering mission instead of. Going and dealing with the Kardashians, she starts trashing the ship while on the bridge were joke nobody takes us seriously this is awful and to me because I don't know if you knew this, I wasn't ROTC for four years. I was super close to getting into the Air Force Academy and in a lot of summer leadership training courses like that throughout those four years in high school and so one thing I always remembered it was taught is that if you are in a leadership position, never trash the organization or anything like that in front of subordinates. And then starfleet is almost a quasi twenty, four century military to me. I was like this is super bad and maybe because you're a terrible captain, you're doing this. Erdo. So I that really irked me because it's one thing to have those feelings and convey that to your first officer in the privacy of the ready room. It's another thing to do openly on the bridge in front of everyone to be like they consider as jokes. Now I know it's a kids. Chiro and I know I said don't take it so seriously and was enjoy but stat. Irked me to no. End. Anyway one of the best things though going I mean come on, could you see Picard doing that? Could you see Cisco doing that WHO's the any of the grades doing that? Absolutely not like there's a difference between disagreeing with starfleet headquarters and being rogue cowboy diplomacy another running out being upset I'm okay I'm done I'm not. I'm done. So now we're gonNA move onto what I call the greatest piece. Of Career, advice I've ever gotten and it comes from, of course, none other than Scotty himself. Also fun fact about Scotty is that if you want the original series episodes and even the movies he.

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