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Grossman. She's noxious, which socialite play by CoCo San Piero, Vanderbilt. It's all in the name. You go. So basically CoCo gets a call from boyfriend. He's out about in the streets valet. He's nowhere new closer airplanes like, hey, I love you can make make away for, you know, she calls me. She's like, you know, or or I can't remember if she causing recalls her, but she's like, get to the plane. This is real. It's a real deal because he thinks he thinking that's a host he's making, it's a hoax. And there's just, you know, emergency broadcast testing system. Yeah, yes, this nothing will happen. So. He doesn't make it to the playing. He calls her back like, hey, I'm sorry, I'm here relieving love. You take care and she's like, oh, by the way, remember that packed we made that we could see other people want invoke invoking that now you're, you know where officially broken up. So this is how shall this person is her boyfriend was going to die. She breaks up with him. She's like later. Messed up. So she gets an airplane. Oh, and then her hairdresser play by Evan Peters, Mr. lifeless, apprise, Joan Collins, joins the cast for this season. Yes, folks, Joan Collins payments for playing an Xs canton calling from the original dynasty series. He has good to see her. She looks great, and she's just in rare. Awesome acting form. She's amazing to watch. She plays his grandmother, so Mr. lot is able to bring his grandmother on the plane. So cocoa allows cocoa special system, personal system Mallory Mr. and his and his grandmother. Joan comments. What's her name on the show? See. And she plays the famous actress from the day who knew all the heartthrobs and she never hesitates. Tell you about that in your conversations, eagle aunt who she plays. So they get on the plane and then mixed. They wind up in a bunker and they get to the bunker. I mean, it's all post-apocalyptic now and then. Sarah parson who's been on the series for a while now, who's part of part of common place miss will Amina Venable. She says, mean-spirited lady who also the cane and she's like, you're all you're evolved survived because you were chosen because, oh, and the government picks some other people to randomly to get on the plane to leave the trying to save and preserve bloodlines. So. All these people are living in his bunker variables in charge is me lady with who came has bad leg and she's like, you are color coded and by class system, and that's how you find so and you find out who the elites are in who workers are the drones just pretty creepy actually. And she's like now mind you when people get to the bunker, they see someone to execute it. So when miss Venables talking about the rules, she says, there is no copulating you, you're not allowed to have sex, you know if you do you. So what happened outside, you'll get killed, get dealt with. So wait a minute, how you gonna preserve my bloodline. Tell me I'm an elite. That's why I'm here and you're gonna feed me and I can't have sex reproduce. How does that work? Makes no sense. And I miss Venable has girlfriend who is basically Kathy Bates and she plays miss. Maria Mead, her henchman ranch woman. So basically miss Venable. She's not part of the classes them, she's worker. She hates everybody there. So her and her go from Miriam meet miss Mary me trying to plot to get rid of everybody, but they want to do it in a very clever way so they don't get in trouble and they're so they're bunkers aligned with other bunkers and other systems. They're working for a corporation or government corporation. It's trying to keep certain people alive for the new world. So. The people get restless, they can only east my portions forced to listen to the same song over and over again until someone changes the song. So they all got cabin fever and in this driving the mall nuts, and it's just really fascinating met goes on for like maybe two or three episodes. And I'll just say that that storyline basically Morse into the sequel of coven the secret coven where you get where. The witches do manifest again, and then you get a storyline about that. And now Mr. Galant played by Evan Peters as part of the government corporation, this overseeing all these different bunkers. He comes for a visit. Now, you know what's bad sound when he comes on horses, he walks into the bunker and his horses are dead. He killed him what they just die after he's done using and his carriage. So. He's just like half the government had monitoring observes, see what you're doing. Of course, doesn't wanna Tipper hands. She's like, okay, that's cool. Not a problem problem at all. Then she realizes that he's in the way and she's trying to get rid of him. But she has no idea who he is. He's working for the government, but he's a very powerful person and his role Mr. Galant. Plays a very pivotal part and this season rolling over into coven. I'll say that much because we're like, okay, so we were told sir, nationals coming back to visit us to see what a coven, how they're going to do it. You have no idea how badly I want to tell you guys how they do it, but I'll tell you by the time you get to the third and fourth episodes. It's on a pop. Because then you like, okay, where's he's gonna? Go. So, but Kathy based treat to watch is always, Evan Peters is a great job plan. Mr. Galant. He'll he kind of plays some mental mind games. Excuse me. I'm sorry. Okay, Evan Peters Mr. line, he's the hairdresser. Excuse me. Cody fern plays Michael lane. He's the government official who comes on a horse carriage. He walks inside the bunker and his horses die outside of the bunker. You know, this guy is kind of ominous. I mean, so Cody fern is the guy he's the actor who plays Michael Landon. Michael Landon is the key to.

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