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Hospital with life threatening injuries there has been no arrests so far I'd say to federal jail workers who were on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein killed himself of the metropolitan correctional center in Manhattan are expected to be charged today the to jail workers were supposed to check on an obscene every thirty minutes but reportedly federal prosecutors believe the staffers who were on overtime fell asleep and then falsified prison records to indicate that they have done the bad checks it was during that time that abstain hang themself in the metropolitan correctional center that was in August as the disgraced financier was facing charges of sex trafficking involving under age girls Roger stern ten ten wins outside Manhattan federal court New York state Attorney General Leticia James today made an announcement regarding vaping in New York she says the state is suing jul labs for misleading and deceptive marketing practices toward miners killed basically took a page from big tobacco's playbook by marketing its products in a manner that was appealing to wonder each use it misled consumers about the nicotine content of Jules products it misrepresented the safety and the therapeutic value of its products by saying they were safer than cigarettes previously New York moved to ban the sale of flavored Issei eggs the vaping industry of soon to block that meantime New York scientists have discovered a link between an oil found in some marijuana vaping products and recent deaths nationwide the Wadsworth center in Albany New York making a stunning public health discovery scientists owing us they're safe containing samples for more than fifty patients here they isolate the liquid to spin it put it into a file then loaded into a specialized machine to extract the oil it represents a potentially dangerous additive in some marijuana vaping products vitamin E. acetate and we should tell you when it came to legal medical marijuana the lab did not find any vitamin E. acetate they found it overwhelmingly in black market products that they tested that's corresponded geo Benitez reporting Wednesday's.

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