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At one thousand dollars four times. W A L, A Cumulus station. Expanding scandal. I'm Elliot Francis. House intelligence committee Adam Schiff says he's decided to expand the investigation into Russian interference and President Trump's foreign financial interests. Bob Costantini reports. Maluso team is getting a boatload of information from the house intelligence committee now headed by democrat, Adam Schiff, all of the transcripts to the special counsel from the conduc conduct of the Russian investigation thus far for his part, President Trump dismissing shift for longtime nemesis. He's just a political hack who's trying to build a name for himself. And I think that's fine. Because that's what they do. But there will be no reason to do that it's called presidential harassment. He needs state of the union address. Mr. Trump said the US economy could be hurt by what he described as ridiculous partisan investigations. Bob Costantini, Washington. I will not cut ties with Saudi Arabia following the killing of journalist Jamaica Shuki school President Rafael rice, saying he's. The recommendation of an earlier review that found no compelling case to break with the kingdom. California woman is making sexual assault allegations against Virginia Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax Omar Jimenez has more on the chargers what began as consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault. Mr. Fairfax put his hand behind my neck and forcefully pushed my head towards his crotch claims Vanessa Tyson, whom he met at the two thousand four democratic national convention. Fairfax released a statement in response reading in part at no time did she expressed to me any discomfort or concern about our interactions. Do you think my parents? Then there's Virginia attorney general, Mark herring. The next in mind to the governorship admitting Wednesday. He too appeared in black face at a party in one thousand nine hundred this is obviously. Extraordinarily challenging Virginia's argument is reporting that God moving approximately two hundred fifty active duty, US military personnel. The Texas and responsible that new migrant caravan. I'm Elliot Francis. Iranian men are wanted for their alleged roles in the creation and deployment of a sophisticated. Malicious software that caused more than thirty million dollars in losses to more than two hundred victim, hospitals, schools and other entities, the FBI, and it's law enforcement partner. Save Fara Maher's show. He's the D And Mohammad Shah Montessori hacked into their victims computers and installed. Sam Sam ransomware, which left data encrypted and business operations weakened. The men demanded ransoms paid in bitcoin in exchange for decryption keys. FBI executive assistant director, Amy has the criminals believe they were masking their identities on the dark web. However, this case shows that anonymous may not make you as as you think you are the fugitives conducted their thirty four months scheme from inside. Iran, regardless of where criminal resides, we will pursue report. Cybercrime to your local FBI field office and online at ICI three dot gov with.

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