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O J Simpson. NFL superstar accused killer convicted Robber and kidnapper the O.. J. Simpson murder trial is one of the most public legal battles in American history history the horrendous crime and courtroom drama that followed captivated the media and the public. The trial is still debated disgust and depicted in the media to this day. But what happened happened to the people who this trial affected most the new podcast confronting OJ. Simpson looks to answer this question hosts Kim Goldman sister of murder. The Victim Ron Goldman digs deep into the vicious crime. That changed her life and many others forever in this ten part series. Kim takes you on a journey as she reclaims James and reflects on the part of her life that was changed permanently. She sits down with prosecutors investigators and witnesses who never got to speak and jurors who voted not guilty. It's a new and intimate look at a crime that still sticks with us today. You're about to hear a preview of confronting OJ Simpson while you're listening be sure to subscribe confronting. OJ Simpson on Apple podcasts. spotify or wherever. You're listening right now. You can also find a link in the episode notes OJ Simpson was born in San Francisco until I nine ninety. forty-seven I brother Ronald Lyle. Goldman was born in a Chicago suburb on July second. Nineteen sixty eight. OJ's parents separated when he was five. He was raised by his mother. Our parents divorced. When Ron was six we were raised by our father fred as a teenager? OJ got into trouble but turned his life around through football as a teenager. Ron Spent Summers as a camp counselor counselor and played Little League Baseball. OJ was recruited by USC. One heisman trophy and was the number one. NFL draft pick in nineteen sixty nine mm-hmm. He went on to have a hall of fame career. Ron Attended College for a semester in Illinois before we all moved to Los Angeles after retirement. OJ worked as a sports commentator and actor and spokesperson. Ron worked as a recruiter a tennis coach and a waiter Ron Plant opened his own restaurant and bar on June Twelfth Nineteen ninety-four OJ attended his daughter's dance recital with his ex wife Nicole and her family they went to dinner at Mezzaluna restaurant to celebrate celebrate. OJ Wasn't invited on June twelfth nineteen. ninety-four ron was working as a waiter at Meslin restaurant. His shift ended and he headed to Nicole's house to return a pair of sunglasses that night. The two men cross paths at the home of Nicole Brown Simpson. What happened happen next? Altered families changed lives and reset American culture.

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