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About you, master in the frozen for they were on Lee, Not Minnesota team there yet. Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota State in Saint Cloud State. But they ruined that Minnesota Invitational NC double A champions are the you, Master Intimate. Greg Carvell did a great job with this program. They don't have four players for the semifinal won that game, and then they just the mob's winning the National championship Coach Carr Bella's here. Thanks to the Good your hotline coach. Five years ago, you had ST Lawrence with that program. Five years later, your national championship coach with U Mass. What is that journey been like in those five years? It was a lot of work, but I was surrounded by a lot of good people, and that's what the most important thing I had a vision of how I'd like to run a program and I was doing that ST. Lawrence and I realized I didn't know house if I build the region national championship level there, So I moved on to U Mass where the research is work with better and hired really good people, and it was a grind our first year. We lost 17 games in a row. Two losers look to in the first year, and this year we ended the year with 15 game on beaten streak, so quite a turnaround in five years. Go back to that first year, you lose 17 straight. What was this journey like getting to what? You just mentioned it and winning it all. Well, it's a process and, uh how about culture and again so both people have high standards. Good players, high character players, and that's that's to me the data that is finding the right kid so you can push and coach there's there's zero entitlement in our program, which is to me. Really important, So we get great kids. We keep kept raising the standards and good kids push in the right way to care for him and You're honest with them, and they they understand that you're looking for help for their best interests will keep pushing for you and not just what happened over four years. We play. We play in the national champs of Game two years ago with a very young team. We're all freshmen sophomores, and this year Two years later. We're much more mature team in the shoulders. We weigh handle the championship game quite easily. Coach Pretty not can't tell you how many times we talked to a coach, whether it's Davos, Sweeney or Nick Saban or Ryan Dave at the collegiate level, and they all say that same word that that you just mentioned culture. How hard is it as a coach to build that culture and then sustained that culture that you're doing right now? Do you mess It's a lot of work its data date. It's every decision and the consistency has to be Absolutely pure. You can't treat any kids differently that zinnias. She had a lot of programs where you start treated differently than here. Your lower in players and it's not the case for us, and you saw that when we lost four players. For the national semifinal, do the covert restrictions. Everybody thought we were dead in the water picks up books for those of us inside the program because it didn't matter if we lost the first one there fourth liner. We lost our first string goal and we lost our leading gold score and we found a way to beat the team of the two time national defending champion. Great stuff by great Carvell, the head coach at U Mass winning a national championship in hockey, joining us and Freddie Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio. I'm gonna go back to that world culture. How much of that was really key? Because you said with covert 19 and everything that you were spent after this whole year with your team, how much of that really was able to have you last and win a national championship because of the culture. We went in the year and I said to the team. Whoever can handle the cold dead situation. The best is gonna be a big advantage. I saw a lot of teams go on pause. Our team never had a positive, colder test until that national semi final game with and it was one kid s. So we went the entire year without a positive test, And that allowed us an upper hand in a lot of games with teams coming up positive, so Kids sacrificed a lot of big sacrifice things that other student athletes were willing to sacrifice and again that goes back to culture and the stronger culture in the more committed your kids are doing committed to following High standards and to me that ended up being I think the difference for us is that we would be able to be consistent all year long. Not get shut down. We have to stop and start except for one stretch for the state. Shut us down. It wasn't a case where our kids have done anything to catch the virus. And to me that was a key and culture is everything And we would be preaching it for years and you get to a point where you stop preaching it and the players start preaching up. And it becomes very powerful and got us to where we're, uh And I got chills watching that moment. Um, three month, three minutes to go and you call your team over. Describe the people exactly what your message was. And why this was so important for you to tell these young men Embrace this. Oh, you were fortunate. Not many championship games. Do you have a, uh followed leads where the game and determined And in our sport, you know, with time out with five minutes are left left left in the game, and it was 3.5 minutes, so the game was over. All sense of purpose is but what? It gave me the opportunity for new ones that clock struck. You know, everybody's gonna go crazy motions with flow out and I had their attention and more than anything I wanted to thank them. Because we've pushed them hard, and they've responded, and so one of them to look each other in the eyes and a tight circle. And I figured that'd be the moment that they'd really remember when when you called him in, and I asked him to Think think about where they're at right now. I told them it's time is that it? I'm telling you, I'm 50 years old. It's not gonna get any better than this, so soak it in for the same time. You can't think you kids enough for what you've given to me in the program, So it was a nice opportunity. Oh, really have a memorable moment. Very Carvell, the head go to U mass hockey team winning the National championship on Freddy and Fitz Simmons and ESPN radio also read.

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