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And so there's a lot there at the hitter. But I want everyone to watch mcchrystal and get a sense of what a great leader is way. You want to read leaders, but he did pause to talk about two names are Kelly and Silla Mani that out of concern anyone as we withdraw from Syria. Cut number twelve finished by courage in two different types of people. They're not paired, by the way, Harriet Tubman, and John Kelly are not paired about Harriet Tubman first of all revelation to me, she she just. One of the most courageous people. I've ever read about thirteen trips to get enslaved people free leading union troops on a raid. It's it's well worth it. She has courage rock, courage. But so does your nemesis Cowie? I mean, you do not praise him in any way for his evil. But you recognize he had a great deal of physical, courage. He had tremendous amount of physical courage, and he was in many ways, a psychopath who personally beheaded people, but he was passionately connected to his. 'cause he was a charismatic leader who walk the walk who who did the things he asked his followers to do. He inspired them. And he was competent. And so we fought him for two and a half years. I remember standing over his dead body and thinking conflicted on the one hand, I was very happy. He was dead. But on the other hand, you couldn't help, but grudgingly admire what he'd done he'd actually created al-qaeda in Iraq. Which is the forerunner of ISIS. Formulator v started a civil war which was his goal in Iraq. And while it was evil. He gotten the job done. He fought us in a way that Titus and nuts for quite a while. And so he believed in this. 'cause now. I could judge them on one standpoint as either on the other hand what if I had his background? I wouldn't have seen the world the same way and tried to do things the same way. So it was a bit humbling to realize that you know, we're not all good. They're not all bad. We're not all competent, and they are amateur have some ability. So when you look at Qasim Sulamani who is the he was your great rival running the Iranians and their operation. Is he the equal of any other leader out there right now, Milton in terms of military and charismatic style in your view Stanley mcchrystal? Yeah. I think he is from what I see is good as I get as they get. We went to school on him while we were working against the Iranians. And then I've watched him since he is charismatic. He's out there. Now, he has a different environment operated. No, no, American general, whatever have the freedom of action and the political power that custom Sulejmani has and therefore it allows him to do some things. But what he does he does quietly with extraordinary effectiveness, and and we got pay great attention. It is so important to people understand how dangerous Iran is how dangerous ISIS is they are different sides of the same coin of Jihadist extremism. Iran represents Shia extremism Sola is a great captain, a tremendous commander general of unparalleled charisma and ability, and he is ranging over a battlefield, but includes all of Syria, Lebanon, and Tehran, and he threatens our friends Israel. He threatens the Gulf states. He threatens Kuwait Saudi Arabia. He threatened Jordan Egypt in the new government in Iraq at the same time. Isis is an idea not just as fifteen to twenty thousand black flags cornered in Syria. So we withdraw. We're offering them the opportunity to come back off the floor. And if we leave Afghanistan, we'll be back. That's what Stanley mcchrystal said if you leave we come back that that's that's the problem play that for you. The whole mcchrystal interview is a fascinating interview. And it goes for forty five minutes. I think that's the the best amount of time for podcast. But this one is not just a podcast. You wanna see the general look into his eyes? They tape it over to hughhewitt dot com and watch it. I will not move it to the universe until Tuesday of next week. So you can watch it for free. Listen to it for free until Tuesday of next week. I want everyone to go out and buy leaders for Christmas. And I think when you're done listening to Stanley mcchrystal you sit up straight. You you go out and exercise right away. And then you begin reading. He's an amazing leader. In amazing.

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