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Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune, Johnny causes the musical director the program your thoughts on the Woodstock Madrigal singers. It's the best I have ever heard in my tire liner tremendous. The boss is in here, sir. My name is Brian. I'm the teacher and director school since we last saw you you were removed. I was not removed. You gotta plug. I do this group that you've heard this morning is one of six choirs at Woodstock high school and is one of two out of six choirs. Yeah. Does anybody go to class radio just get together to sing? I mean, it's not that. It's a bad thing. They actually do go to class. A lot of these students are in AP classes, honors classes, really involved, and they managed many of these students have zero hour, which means they're rehearsing every day from seven twenty two eight ten and this morning. They had kind of double zero hour because we were on the six o'clock train into the city. So it was it was a shake that effort by the early morning. Well, so where can we say we're going to see them? Yeah. Definitely. So today, actually, we're going to be around the city will be at one north LaSalle singing at a five headquarters, which is a marketing company that promotes Woodstock and promotes local businesses at Woodstock. So we'll be singing it their venue. One north LaSalle will be at the Chris kindle market from one thirty two. Thirty singing at their performance venue. And then in the future, we have the magical dinner, which the students were traditional renaissance and Elizabethan costumes, which is a treat for for them. And for the audience, and that is December.

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