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Something who had no talk back the last time there was no talk extended. Yeah i mean what do you think it got. Fixed miraculously overnight and engineering set foot in that building in eighteen months. God mason like waving his arms through the window here coming around the door. Tell me something. I can tell the story good. Yeah and what you say. Can i tell this story. You have to tell the so. There were at least three occasions. Well michael and i were doing laker games. And jesse knows this. Because he was in the middle of it where the tv we were calling. The games on terrible miraculously change pictures to like an overhead shot. And i'm frantically waving my arms or it would change to like a different game. And i'm looking at the spectrum. Sports net feed over in the corner is like thirty seconds behind what i'm actually describing and we pretty much faked until we got away with it but man. That's jesse that's when i realized anything can happen in this pandemic and my fear is that masons going to realize that on monday. We'll see we'll see it's going to be fantast. Hey can i ask you what what happened to national singing telegram day. Somebody wanted to propose and john. You backed off that jesse you well. What happened is we have no details. We get any details details on the proposal. Now we're working on her now. It's not even three d nine. Come through it's got to write a song. Well no and but if we wanna make it meaningful for something like that. It should be good. We need some debates about the girl. Yeah we need dates this tomorrow. I hope lindsay humored by it who cares what a steamer. If she's not nice. Let stand like that. Everybody lasts not wave proposal. We were fans of love to ask as lindsay is. You'll never get married. i'm prolonged. Yeah we you. And i believe in everlasting love. We will make this happen. Okay so i wanted to listen before we get to the rams. I wanted to get this in there. Do you know where the expression straight comes from. Oh god i have to write this on the list before you tell me Do you know where the expression straight-laced comes. No i do not anybody who are. Hey jesse no no. No this kind of idea. I would've made in that. It has something to do with like a woman's clothing. That doesn't have any real imagination to it. Like it's very basic and the the lightning or the lace is very straight and not fancy. Your clumsy my guess ladies wore corsets which would lace up in the front and a proper and dignified woman as in straight laced or a tightly tied corset. Like what's her name in. Titanic kate yeah like Like poor kate winslet her mom jamming are into that. So that's that's where the expression straight laced comes from. So i wanna i wanna get. Oh i wanted to one more story so this on the list. Okay so i want. I've developed a little rapport repartee with the the barista at starbucks. And she. Her name is wendy. And i see her every morning. Because i go by a reduced fat turkey. Bacon cheddar sandwich with a tooth with a tooth sometimes occasionally. The tooth is option. So i ordered from her today. A vinci caramel crunch frumpy property for happy and it includes and i. I wrote it all out and made her. Do it a banana. Extra caramel drizzle extra whip seven pumps of caramel sauce extra caramel crunch. One pump of honey blend and frappuccino chips into a venti caramel crunch frapp. Now this is an actual drink. That has been out there and has gone viral. Funny if i do this too windy and make her jump through hoops. So i did this morning and you know what it is a frigging delicious drink. But let's face it. Coffee is desert the way they make it at starbucks now with all the the syrups and all that stuff. It's basically eating dessert. I used to. I used to work with jim. Lampley on On fox and we used to do the sunday show. I would always show up with one of those gigantic carmel. Whatever then starbucks drinks and he would he would say you know mace. You're you're just drinking a milkshake and for all for all intensive purposes it is. It's basically a milkshake. But the i strongly recommend the vintage caramel crunch freaky. It is fantastic so Let's get to the rams ranch open training camp today and by the way a little bit later on cap and eight are going to be on after his live from training camp and they will do the show from there. so you'll you'll hear from. Sean mcveigh aaron. Donald and matt stafford and all those guys so andrew whitworth. Who is the veteran of the team. Maybe i think he's probably the oldest person on the team gas to me. You say seven or thirty eight. Yeah he's he is. He's our veteran left. Tackle and of course expectations are incredibly high for matthew stafford so here. He is on a first impression of matthew stafford. Let's be great. Yeah i mean being around staff and just kinda chance to be about your family and realize what a family guy and he just would do us It's been cool to see..

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