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Eight four eight nine two two two let's go to our first caller is Burton trouble Kylie Burton how are you but after speaking with you doctor helping a warning to Sir hope you have a good day could be better Dr the person that complement your call manager it also yeah yeah it's a great a part of a group there I really appreciate their their work you obviously have a genius retracting in retaining very good people thank you duck to kill a baby if I might reach to where each of concern which yep I have a quick all agree Wes Crohn's disease I'm trying to reduce him to become your patient certain regard to stem cell therapy is bone marrow extraction anguish for virtually painless it's virtually painless known really complains remember that when you sterilize the area and you numb the skin any injection of light came to numb the surfer skin where your raise a little bump on the skin you'll feel a temporary sting then we'd numb down to the bone and the periosteum is that film over the bone and as you none that you really don't feel that sensation and then when you do the extraction some people most people report feeling a pulling sensation are like so no one has screamed or your older has you know reported to have you be painful experience remember I I think that when people hear about bone marrow for people that have done for oncology purposes or stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant for cancers I'm not sure of the oncologists known the bone to be able to decrease the amount of discomfort there so and we do it nice and steady so that people don't have discomfort so also people with Val problems in Crohn's and also colitis almost always have significant food allergy that may be a delayed reaction so it's something the tree today can create a reaction you know four five six days later all the more reason why looking to become your creation sure does I read them cell therapy at the potential how he or even reverse crunch amber that ID stem cells are carried through your blood to every organ that's been documented for a hundred years so they will get to your heart lungs liver kidney pancreas your gut is very vascular so to get to the blood vessels to your gut we'll get to your eyes so when we see patients there have significant improvement in all of those areas that we typically talk about with stem cell therapy so yes it's not as though I say okay stem cell is the first thing right out of my mouth will sit there to get the blood work done I'll take your history examine them test for the allergy take those foods out by the time the blower comes back then typically we talk about correcting vitamins minerals etcetera changing the diet and stem cells obviously also is recommended at that point I have learned that their use in endoscopic procedure that may in some circumstances take the place of battle resection surgery for chrome patients that's what I know about it could you comment on that yeah I don't know enough about that yet there is you know a little bit of talk about that but I don't know statistically what the benefits are you know a lot of things come out that are quote new and maybe great ideas but unless it's been out there for a while you have no idea you know what the long term benefits or side effects are whether it's a medication whether it's a vitamin whether it's a procedure I just haven't seen that yet point taken my great ones other areas would you relating to a local but this may have application for many of your listeners what he's three percent PSA how does it differ from standard PSA yeah PSAs prostate specific engine this is elevated when there is inflammation of the prostate and can go up very high if there's a cancer process there the free percent PSA is a very important part of looking at the number that if low means there's a high risk of prostate cancer fits two three four if it is very high in the fifties and there's a four less significant a for a dramatic decrease in the risk of that person having prostate cancer so the PSA supposed to be between one in for you know the lower the better and the free percent PSA supposed to be over twenty five so the higher the free the better the lower the regular PSA the better and when you have people that are borderline whether PSAs four five six and the free percent dropping a little bit it still can be from infection but you won't do a sonogram to get a nice picture of the prostate if all that's been done is the standard PSA and not three percent the essay is that an inadequate basis to determine prostate or no prostate cancer yeah I think you need that tests are done it for many years and I actually had a patient sniffing story I tell this all the time this is the perfect description of the scenario patient came in and his PSA on the bottom of one page was okay it was you know three point nine and the next page for the free percent PSA and it was too so of course I said you know we got a double check this we sent him to urologist beer all just did a sonogram found a lump on the prostate and then as a precaution you know a secondary tests they did a chest X. ray because they wanted to do a procedure for the prostate may family along to her so the gentleman was treated for prostate cancer treatment and surgery surgery for lung tumor luckily it was caught early and this the patient had a nice long life apple of years ago and this had to be twenty five years ago a couple of years ago I had seen the patient store they had moved out of town and such and I asked her father was and she told me that unfortunately he had passed away so I gave my condolences she said no she said you were the one that found the prostate then we were able to find a long he was treated and he had a nice long life for the past into is late eighties as a result of of the you know what we have done so we were very happy to find out that you know that extra tests that you do that extra index of suspicion will allow you to find something and prevent the bad thing from happening so that's my sort of prostate PSA free percent PSA story so and if you can do those tests as a as we do them on everyone and you could save someone from a bad outcome that's exactly what we're supposed to do so what what would did you think that someday you may reach cal what about that thank you so much for the call always good talking to amber and have a wonderful day let's go next to Chris how are you good that carry you great got a friend a doctor to last ninety Denton and about Arizona area and he has some dental implant T. seventy in good health except for this and you have dental implants any gap contracted against world O. R. A. L. like in L. A. C. H. E. N. plan a plan this year and inflammatory you know condition that occurs in the mouth as a result of an insult but it's not always easy to figure out why it occurs okay please also get valley he said valley fever and org under given them and I'd buy out he's is because of the desert is there any combination or what would you suggest it's a hard one to to to to make recommendations on because I don't know the entire picture yeah I know I think that it may be that some people have a weak immune system and they end up with this bizarre talk city Ohio to mycosis infection which they call valley fever not that it's a fungus is found in soil you know some people world topically or some people will inhale it anti fungal medications are used for it so it's not the end of the world but it's not something that you really want to have to go through this thing so there's probably some question she's me the best thing you're talking about an anti fungal yeah the anti fungal Sabine use with good success on knocking out the sex of your honor because his valley fever make it it's got a minute yeah I mean those are two odd things to deal with my question would be you know what are the vitamin mineral hormone levels absorption digestion immune response heavy metals you know to see why these things exist that could be there because the muse system isn't I've mentioned I've mentioned you to him and he had a Trenton New Jersey so it's a matter of this became east I ate out and like a city Arizona battery became east and it's best just to come to you to see to get it yeah I mean we'll look at the entire picture and get a handle on what we can do okay and in many cases when there's not something that I could do we refer out to an appropriate enough position that's what I told him today another person had pancreatic cancer and you mentioned James foresight yeah I told those people actually try to get your word out yeah that's wonderful I thank you terrific thank you so much call okay have a wonderful day now let's go next to Frank in valley stream how are you hi good morning I have a question about vitamin C. what's the correct level that you'd like to see in the blood work and how do you increase the vitamin D. this special type of vitamin E. that you recommend good question so every age range has a level that's expected as you get older so if you look at the blood you know tests on people you know one decade to the next the levels of vitamins that you expect to see keep dropping down but that doesn't mean that being in that range is good you want to be above the range because you want to have levels of vitamins that will enhance your body's function and similar to what you had a younger age also when you talk about vitamins their secondary tests to tell us if your vitamins need to be higher you might be the middle the range for B. six B. twelve and folic acid which homocysteine level maybe height so we have to go by the homocysteine and raise up those nutrients sufficient enough to lower the homocysteine or C. reactive protein for that matter so the ranges very you know age to age and the secondary testing various typically we want to have people to take either one death three grams four grams of vitamin C. a day as a basis some people need higher levels to get the blood levels to come up some people will say wow since I've had my vitamin C. it six grams a day I don't get those respiratory infections anymore for some people to start to come down with the flu or a viral issue like Epstein Barr otherwise for many years doctors have use vitamin Ivies and vitamin vis could help to quadruple your killer cells are traditional medical research on that so it depends upon how the patient presents there are other people who and I don't always suggest this like to take vitamin C. to bow tolerance where they'll take vitamin C. and they'll take a thousand milligrams every hour until they have a looser Val movement which serves its own purpose and then they backed down the dose it's a little bit less scientific but I'd rather test the levels make recommendations retest to make sure the levels are perfect okay is there a certain type of vitamin D. recommend over another do the lawn on this early okay the majority of the vitamin C. is all relatively the same we like to make sure there's no fillers binders recipients of it okay so and we've been using vitamins and and testing before making recommendations and testing afterwards.

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