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He was persecuted there because they thought he was kind of like in. You know throwing orgies and selling via an exactly. Yeah basically it's an IT'S A it's a very. It's a very interesting and ecstatic form off of nasty teachings which teach struggle of the soul of the passions of the promoted human with an ecstatic rather than a rational taco firm local centric time against the forces that keeping in bondage. Yeah that's the way it's done is very beautiful and it's powerful so Well that brings us to the last question already. And we'll yearbook contain your own work and research or presented an overview over general this. Well it I think it does both in a sense. Basically another type of person just wants book. That wants to summarize somebody else's work But also what they did is the actual in the writings of his. There's not so much actually written about specifically Adams until the is of course something specific cosmetology but they have taken like a lot of these people. fantastic Tony as well. They have taken all the invoke magical teachings of time and then kind of just authorized them in the sense that they kind of like just changed a few things kind of like set all well opera melon for example he just changed those few things. And then you know it's it's basically out his operation into though they've they've spent a lot of time Basically republishing all types of grim laws. And this kind of stuff by basically just giving them an ominous veneer so my work will basically be deep investigation of otherness principles and how they can be used. is basically a development of Auburn. Ism Ask what you just said before as as as as powerful magical tool of south transformation and low-fare right so basically so but however this is firmly based on agonised teachings of Solomon Pinterest Is firmly based on so you will learn. Of course the basic principles that are unique to ad nauseam about you will actually see how they're employed when they have gone through. My school of thoughts nonstop. Basically I present cosmic noces in out in his closing but not in a in a in a way that they would anyway conflicting or twisting them or turning them. Around right is an essentially the cosmic noces in other words and using just some different and condense. I will actually basically what I would teach autism but you would see its close relationship. Because I'm sure any news on on the Dato. Ready for the book not really because we also have to the KHURANA situation as playing a little tricks on us because we don't really know when all the factories will work again with the printing and the binding of issues there also. I was embarrassed tied up the with some things here I couldn't actually Work in the last six weeks because home of the hands were tied. But it's things that working again. It's not much to do is not much left to do so. I would say June July. We let our people know here since the Smith. Make sure you let me know. And we'll of course social great. Well David That was the questions we had. Well Yeah thank you so much. I think it was a couple of really interesting questions. And thank you for your great as and something came across. I'm sure I'm sure people will enjoy thank you for doing this and I hope as you said people enjoyed sure they enjoyed that and I hope they enjoyed the idea. And we'll see we'll see how things in the podcast will also be taken further with with with new ideas in that sense. Thank you so much for being part of it. Well thank you. Love Your podcast. Of course you now and the good work to what the future brings. Great.

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