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Fear good title. The author will young was formerly the editor in Chief of Liberty University. School newspaper The champion. He claims he instantly got in trouble during his first week there. His crime was noticing the his schools police department didn't publish a daily crime log online. He called the Virginia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators to ask. If this was against the law. The University Police Department found out and complain to his boss. Who Yelled at him he writes? This wasn't exactly a rude awakening. I had spent the previous three years. Watching the university administration led by President. Jerry Falwell junior meddle in our coverage bridge revised controversial op EDS and protect its image by stripping. Damning facts from our stories still stuck around. I thought that if I wrote with discretion and kept my head down I could one day win enough trust from the university adversity to protect the integrity of our journalism. I even dreamed we could eventually persuade the administration to let the champion go independent from its supervision. I was naive instead when my team took over that fall in two thousand seventeen encountered an oversight system that required us to send every story follows assistant for review. Any administrative or professor who appeared in an article had editing authority. Forty over any part of that article. They added deleted whatever. They wanted falwell color newsroom on multiple occasions to direct our coverage. Personally he had a year earlier when weeks before the two thousand sixteen election action. He read a draft of my column defending mainstream news outlets in ordered me to say whom I plan to vote for. I refused on ethical grounds. So Falwell told me to insert. The author refused to reveal review which candidate he is supporting for president at the bottom of my column. That says stupid school right. Yeah you love the intellectual honesty and the freedom of speech. I mean it really has fucking Nazi propaganda qualities. Yeah I mean it it. It is consistent with the Family Line of hating freedom of speech and in not being able to stand anybody saying anything about you. I guess that is passed down in the genes in pranks apparently aren't so. We've learned a lot about genetics. Today will eventually quit the school paper and the School of Communication and not replace him with a new editor in chief instead. They changed the champion to faculty run paper taking control for content direction entirely highly away from the students future journalists Liberty University we're forced to sign an NDA forbidding them from talking about editorial or managerial direction oversight decisions or information design. I'm just privileged or confidential. The day also makes student journalists acknowledged that they are privileged to get thoughts opinions and other statements from university administration. We're so lucky talk to us. Yeah that's cool so obviously will is a student with an ax to grind but his experiences gel very clearly with the reporting of numerous Chris other journalists as well as complaints of students alumni he and others paint a picture of Liberty University is a sort of evangelical dictatorship of higher learning which teaches super neat Dictatorship of higher learning. Yeah yeah sounds dreamy. Yeah where the entire university versity is just an extension of Jerry Falwell Juniors personality and pocket book That sounds like a good thing for a school to be. Sounds like a good education. I'm glad they don't have to pay taxes that would be crazy If they had to pay taxes because they're in a political religious coercion. Listen that demands. They writers published who they only flattery. Yang's Y- now a lot of the Changes in the coacher of liberty. University versity are believed to have something to do with what has made the school so enormously. Profitable since Jerry. Junior took over the massive growth of their online education program. By two thousand fifteen liberty. University was the second largest provider of online education in the United States. Second only to the University of Phoenix. I was GONNA Guess Phoenix Meeting. Yeah Yeah that's number one number twos liberty you. School can largely thank the federal government for the money that it's gotten on as a result of this two thousand seventeen liberty students received more than seven hundred hundred and seventy two million dollars per year from the Department of Education at ranked sixth in federal aid. Nationwide the vast majority of Liberty University's wealth comes from taxpayer dollars. Yeah and they don't have to pay taxes on. That's good you guys feel better by your for your taxes are going. I feel great about it. They need a billion alien dollars a year. It's not upsetting at all Flint Michigan. Doesn't he clean water. Water but Liberty University needs seven hundred and seventy million dollars to discriminate against students self. Yeah a variety of types of it's cool super cool and consistent some people find it uncomfortable or down bad that a school which pans at students from supporting homosexuality swearing and even drinking off campus receives federal money. But we all know. Evangelical Christians in America don't have to obey obey the same rules as the rest of us. And that's fine it's fine everybody's happy with us. That's what Jesus was four. That's what Jesus was four. Massive of inequality may he was a big fan of inequality I mean I would say that. was his platform trickle down economics. He was a big Fan of right. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah I remember when Jesus like oh I'll turn one fish while you know what I'm going to take the someone's GonNa take this fish. It's going to eventually trickle down onto the really hungry. I'm GONNA throw some bones at y'all someone of US going to get an eye fish. I and you will be fucking happy with and you will be my second in command. Jesus so online courses have become the primary money generating engine behind Liberty University. They have more than three hundred phone recruiters working from eight. Am to eight PM. I am calling students from lists. They get from sites like best colleges online in an article. Breaking this down. The New York Times noted there is such a race to get to customers before the University of Phoenix and other rivals rivals the perspective students sometimes mark. How little time has elapsed? Just a handful of minutes between. They're providing their information on the website and the call coming from Liberty Liberties tax filings. Show that in two thousand sixteen. The University Google Sixteen Point eight million for admissions leads generation in other words advertising liberty to those searching online for degree options the recruiters recruiter work under intense pressure. According to several former L. You owe employees. I spoke with. They get no more than forty five seconds between calls and sometimes managers override. Even that short break there are no formal quotas. A A federal regulation that went into effect in two thousand eleven forbids them but as one former employees put it. The highly motivated goal is for each recruiter to sign up eight new students. Day multiplayer clarice. Three hundred cubicles that is twenty four hundred per day Forty five seconds between calls. I mean honestly that's downright leisurely complaining about exactly ABS CBS so it sounds like it's just like a big. MLM KINDA situation. Yeah it's a kitten to that certainly. I mean it's yeah it's not an Malambot Tom. What do they call it when it's just like a farm? Yeah it's a diploma mill. Yeah Yeah it's a diploma mill masquerading as religious institution so it doesn't have to pay taxes on the billions of dollars. It gets from tax payers but the particularly aggressive sales. Call thing. That's like its own thing right. Yeah yeah telemarketing yeah. That's like crazy that it's so high pressure gas. Well there's fucking Glengarry Glenn Ross these people yeah yeah to get them into debt so that like to get them into taxpayers subsidized debt to the school for a a degree which spoilers is not worth a whole lot But you know it is worth a whole lot. Sophea our goods and services yes.

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