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The next pitcher show a movie of the week. Podcast voted to a classic film and the way shaped our thoughts on a recent release. I'm tasha robinson here again with keith. Ups scott tobias and genevieve custody on last week's show. We talked about big trouble. In little china john carpenter's nineteen eighty-six fantasy which updates a weird western into a movie. That still feels a lot. Like a weird western. Even though it swaps the familiar hero and sidekick roles the other half of this pairing is pretty shirt on sidekicks. Here there are just antagonists and protagonists warriors. Monsters it's based on a fighting video game so all we characters are pretty much equal until they start to face off. And in this case level up the twenty twenty one mortal kombat directed by simon mccoy drops former mortal combat star johnny cage in favor of newbie. Coal young played by louis tan and small time. Mma cage fighter. Who actually isn't all that great at fighting that becomes a problem when it turns out that he's the last of the line of grape japanese warrior. Hans has sashi and he's marked with a single that means he's been chosen to represent earth or indus mythology earth realm against the fighting forces of a mysterious place called out world if earth realm. And i'm going to try to keep a straight face as explain this. If earth rome loses one more fighting tournament against out world than out world will invade and conqueror earth based on this movie we know nothing about out world except that it looks like a pretty dang place to live and it produces all kinds of weird warriors with wings for arms or acid breath. Super speed by comparison earth realms warriors. Look pretty puny especially since most of them haven't figured out how to tap into secret hidden powers their earth round warrior. Schedules give them. That's why the new mortal kombat which premiered simultaneously on. Hbo maximum theaters does and therefore for actually get around to the combat tournament. This entire movie is just a prologue with the earth fighters figuring out their identities and their powers while a bunch of dirty out world cheaters trying to murder them. Get into the weirdness of that dynamic after this.

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