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All sitting here like mutes thank you. It's true right i again. We are called as husbands and wives to do good for one another to do good to one another to care for one another how many of you realize it is your job as a husband or a wife to blast the other. It's your job when you wake up in the day to think of how to bless your husband had a blast your wife and if you don't do that and you wonder why your marriage is difficult. Who's not blessing who again. We are called to blast one. Another one of the great kohl's is the excellent wife makes it her business. The bless her husband is not as a wife canopy a wife versus thirteen when he goes on and gives a description of how this amazing woman lives. And it says this. She looks for a woolen for flax and works with their hands in delight. She's like the merchant ship. She brings food from afar now. This is gets intimidating right. It's like she does what she she works all this stuff and she build stuff and she buys and sells stuff and a lot of the ladies are like hang on a minute. This is getting to be really tall. Order understand this is cultural to write. Most of y'all don't need to be making the clothes for the hustled anymore. Because walmart's cottam cheap cheaper than you can make them but there's a point being made again thirteen to fourteen is telling is that excellent. Excellent y clothes feeds her family. Going to great lengths to the merchant ships to bring home the best food to look after the so. You might not have to make clothing for your family anymore. Should be amen. From the ladies and thank god for that but you still gotta feed them. They gotta eat every day. Well but you gotta feed your family right like how. how many. How many of us do the head shake every day. What are we going to make for dinner. I swear this was the biggest. My mother on the daily it really was. This is why in my household growing up. We had irish. Do on saturday and wednesday and i was happy every time we had it i loved it was great but i realize now we had irish or wednesday and saturday because that was two days to think of something else and then monday was. Spuds beans and sausages and tuesday was beefing and it was just went on like that but she looked after since she fattest and she made it. Her business and my mum was amazing. She was amazing. She loved cared for us and it was such stress and it was such a blessing to us. It was amazing. It was such a huge thing and it doesn't seem like it's much like it doesn't want just gonna feed the kids course you've got to feed the kids. Not everybody needs the kids. Not everybody looks after the kids. Not everybody looks after their husband. It's not that common. I fifteen goes on.

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