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But at some point we've gotta get over the fact that the features pitching core skilled when they're pitching there on the regular. Once a guy start showing splits at home that are at least tenable for fantasy. I don't even care if it's the home road thing. It's just like it are the home. Split something you can live with for fantasy. I think certainly you have to consider using them and expecting that to be the norm. I think pictures do get used to pitching their if they're pitching there regularly and one of those more games, like you said, going forward at home vs on the road. I think it's even more likely that you'll get some momentum at home. So I'm not as afraid of a guy who's in Colorado and is used to Colorado. I definitely there's times where they're going to be useful. So to your point on with age on that Cal Freeland by the way to eighteen eerie and the home games this year, pretty impressive by him. Tyler Anderson, three sixty five. John raises four, five. Thirty eight but is pitching better lately and seventy three ks and fifty. Nine innings there. Her mom Mark has is the one who's been showing the very wide home road split. So this is encouraging the fact that he's doing this. Well with six quality starts over seven games during the span. I just mentioned doing the other thing, you know, let's face it strike out or strike out. It doesn't matter where you're playing. It's not like the cores factor of the, you know, the air being thinner and if they don't hit the ball, who cares. Surreal, rank the big four for me that I mean in the points league, especially I think that's where the Rockies have the best value here where you can just go for volume, where the negatives don't really hurt you as much as the whip in a in a rotisserie, rank the four from me, the gray Marquez, Freeland and Tyler Anderson. Yeah. I mean, gray would be my number one there. I'd say Marquez, second Anderson. Third, that's that's how I would go with them. They're last. I could get behind that. I'm a little concerned about what Anderson's been doing lately that I might put them fourth behind Freeland. I'd probably go back and forth between the two. But yeah, I would go that same order. I think grace grace, the guy to get at this point you got to get on board getting, you know, I'm gonna get fooled again here. Just watch. That's the thing. It's like, you know, there's not not a one of them do. I have confidence on a day in day out yet, but like I said, you know, especially, you know, you know, the support is going to be there. So if you're just looking, you know, if you're looking for wins and I know you don't chase wins, but Colorado pitcher at home used to the environment versus the guy coming in, maybe even a rookie for the first time in that environment, the run support should be there. And so if all you're doing is chasing wins, you have to hope that the ratios don't get blown up. So let's do some quick hits on some injuries here. Just a little updating on things. Mike trout with the wrist issue had a cortisone shot on Monday. The thought is he should be back by the week and often the cortisone shots take about three days or so give or take it can sometimes be quicker or a little bit later. We mentioned trout on the show on Monday, any update to concerns, encouragement for him based on a protective return. I do think that like I was saying before, like we're all playing now at this point because there's not a lot of time left in the season in terms of the regular season for for most fantasy league. You know, we said on Monday that if you're worried about trout, don't start him this week because it's an all around think thing and it might not be worth it. So I think in general going forward, I think just take everybody on a day by day and met play matchups even with the superstars because that's what we're down to at this point. Does he agreed with that? I look, it's a frustrating thing. I've got him in a league. I started on this week and I hate losing those games, but I did a just a little bit of my rankings accordingly..

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