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And back to the roads we go. Kevin's on it, as always, doesn't miss a beach. The super were retailers of New England All will drive traffic on the threes if you please. All right, Laurie, picking up some new troubles here in Revere. Rou won North bound getting reports of a crash here, taking out the two left lanes just after Route 16 here and revere that has just the right lane. Getting buying delays are building quickly. So if you're coming up on the scene state of the right to get around that once you clear it, though, you're looking pretty good up through Saugus and into the Lynnfield Tunnel, South bound Group One slowdowns approaching that lane closure here in Lowell Street and Peabody. Again beyond that, Not too bad down into Saugus for 95 south bound. You're tied up here from route 97 down through that right lane closure between River Street and Ward Hill in behavioral operetta. 1 28. Not too bad. You get some slowdowns here in Peabody 1 28 North found getting a past Lowell Street South bound getting by the work zone after Endicott Street. And Danvers downtown. Overall, looking pretty good on the lower decks. They come bridge that lever down ramps love again. Getting down towards Storrow. Drive the expressways. Okay, both directions. Route three South bounds locked up route 18 down to the Derby Street lane drop. This report, sponsored by Audible gives spring a whole new sound with audible Plus. Listen, all you want to thousands of select audible originals, audio books and podcasts, including exclusive Syriza's Start A Free 30 Day Audible plus trial when you sign up at audible dot com Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. They're skies into Friday. What about the weather this weekend? Looks like a little bit of rain, and we'll check in with Dean before again for that. Updated forecast in 10 minutes. It's 72 Sunny.

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