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Josh Richardson who's been shooting the ball extremely well lately is a switchable defender is he the best of better the team? No, but he's at least a body that can do some decent work on wing players and smaller guards. He's on the bench. Great Williams on the bench. These things don't make sense. We have enough evidence at this point and suggests that Dennis Schroeder is not an end of the game player. And if you go back, you know, all the way back to his time with Oklahoma City. If you go back to his time Lakers, like a lot of those fans would tell you like Dennis Denny games, like, isn't going to work. I just, how do we get through the email? Like, how do we tell him like you can't play? As you said, regulating market smart to shooting guard is the worst possible thing you could possibly do because you're just standing there and we all know markets like if it's not involved with the play is just gonna shoot the basketball. So there's a lot of things that you may said last night and again, we'll get into a few of them in a second. Are you listening to yourself? Are you listening to the words coming out of your mouth? Because if you are, you should take what you're saying. You should take your own advice because last night you didn't have either of those guys in the form and those lineups were a disaster. Bosses got cooked routinely last night. And if you're trying to move forward from this losses, you have the Knicks again on Saturday. Quick turnaround. Like you have to know immediately like, okay, Dennis is it working anymore? We have to move on. At this point, if I see Dennis at the end of the game, and he's not like 11 for 11 from the floor. I'm just gonna lose my mind through my television shot the window. Yeah, I found some of those answers to be really weird to be honest. Like, sorry, but I just don't see Dennis Schroeder maximizing the defense against a nix lineup with Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle in it. Like that doesn't make any sense.

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