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And we went to we went to this elementary school and they had two courts outside that were donated by katy and i'm talking to the kids and hanging out with the kids actually played played in a suit with the kids and all of the i you'd ask them hey man are you are you arrest guy or are you a katy guy steph curry you love russell you love k d man of steph and it was amazing and i mean that was you know when steph was i think he was mvp league at that time but his resonance is something else too yeah she goes out arisen charlotte thing jerod we were growing up like it they were the the absolute laughing stock i mean what i knew of the warriors when i was a kid was rick berry granny shot free throws there you go martin basketball analysis america you ever did you ever miss the free throws did you buddy missed a free throws let us know eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six we're not piling up on jr we kind of are mardian mcgee not your typical radio.

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