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Tom Ed 24 cam, you had them 27th. I had to have them higher than some of these other teams we mentioned because Matt barzal just as a singular talent sucks you in and out. Even when he's like kind of dancing around the offensive zone for 30 seconds with the puck and then it leads to a point shot or nothing that constructive, it's still so fun to watch him do it that from an entertainer perspective that. And I actually think when they're playing right, they're a good counter team and I enjoy that from my product. I'm curious to see under lane Lambert. I know he was on the coaching staff before. It seems like they're going to be a bit more aggressive in terms of going for offense and potentially sacrificing a bit defensively. So I'm tuning in to see that all that. Yeah, mappers had such a such a great first two years. And then Barry Trotsky and he was really reeled back in. He was handling the puck class and it feels like it feels like the reason why trots was out was because there was a bit of a power struggle Luang and the team to be a bit more offensive. So I'd like to see barzal break out. There's a couple of quick things about the islanders that I had that sort of elevated them into the tier of they at least have a couple things I enjoy watching. In addition to barzal doing barzel stuff, Noah Dobson is so big and so fast that he gets the Jersey flapping behind him. When he skates with the puck through the neutral zone, shades of Mike medano. You know, like you have to be the right dimensions and the right amount of speed to get that effect he does. I love that. Ryan pulak, I could watch that guy shoot pucks all day and then I think Adam peck might be one of the best defensive players in the league and I really enjoy watching him plays just so smart.

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