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Is the Chris Plante geo Illinois National Guard some soldiers news first we checked the WLS weather channel forecast for today shower possible this morning but mainly out to our west on high near eighty five partly cloudy skies tonight will seventy tomorrow scattered storms in the morning then partly cloudy late high eighty eight Sunday mix of sun and clouds highs in the low nineties back to work Monday we'll see some showers right now we're sitting at seventy three degrees at here seventy four midway seventy one currently downtown along the lake front is our sponsored in part by this chemical further than ever with the discover it miles card they automatically match the miles you are at the end of your first year so you're thirty five thousand miles could become seventy thousand discovered miles limitations apply discover match for new cardmembers only learn more discover dot com slash travel the Illinois National Guard said to the boy about four hundred soldiers to Afghanistan in what officials say is the largest mobilization of guards men and women from the state nearly a decade the Tribune reporting that members of the one hundred seventy eighth infantry regiment that's headquartered on the south side and as companies as far south as Peoria will start leaving this weekend to start a year long deployment in support of operation freedoms centennial their case president airlines as Turkey is determined to destroy what he called a terror corridor in northern Syria regardless of whether or not Turkey in the U. S. establish a safe zone a Turkish and US officials have been holding talks for a safe zone east of the river Euphrates to address Turkey security concerns stemming from the presence of Kurdish fighters in that region Turkey considers those fighters to be terrorists W. L. US news time nine thirty two the here downtown thirty two twenty out at our store nailed to the post office thirty seven thirty one am Stevens and I forget the fun to drive thirty eight thirty for the damn Brian ninety but the downtown thirty two on fifteen fifty seven the bishop for judge fifteen minutes get news on the hour that happened when it breaks continuous coverage of W. L. essay M. dot com Gail W. L. essay on a ninety would you like to find a home for an orphan destroys scooters on street railroad idea to begin with Jordan ridiculous Ryan writes I saw one drawn up on a tree right hands.

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