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You probably see Brady fucks the use. That's the bottom line from new Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to Republicans on covert relief. If there's no bipartisan deal, Democrats might advance the president's proposed package using a budget tool that only needs a simple majority. But for most other measures, more votes would still be needed. Now that a stalemate over keeping the filibuster rule has been broken. Fox is Jared Halpern is live on Capitol Hill. Senate Majority Leader truck, Schumer says progress was made overnight on a power sharing Agreement that would set up rules for the 50 50 divided Senate. I'm glad we're finally able to get the Senate up and running. My only regret. Is that it took so long. The Republican leader Mitch McConnell, dropped objections after two Senate Democrats vowed to oppose eliminating the filibuster, ensuring a 60 vote requirement for most legislation. The bar for law making his high It should be high power sharing agreement is expected to evenly divide Democrats and Republicans on committees, with Democrats serving his chairs of those panels. Lisa Thanks Jared. This afternoon, the Senate votes on Antony Blinken to be secretary of State. Another loss in court for an oil pipeline facing more environmental reviews. Fox's Jeff Man also has this live. Lisa Federal Appeals court in Washington decides with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of holding a lower court decision that throws out a key federal permit and orders. Lengthy environmental review of the Dakota access pipeline, though the court did not affirm the lower court's order to shut it down. That means the legal battle is not over. Energy Transfer LP says its pipeline is safely transported over a half million barrels of oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois since 2017 while employing thousands in pain, millions and state taxes. Lisa Thanks, Jeff America is listening to Bach's thieves. News Radio K L. B. J ON Patrick Osborne. This news is brought you by accurately dot com Travis County is on a slow but very apparent downslope. Following the last few months of rising Co Vin numbers, Travis County Health Authority, Dr Mark S. Scott says the moving seven day average of new cases has now fallen to 577, which is still high, but is also welcome news. Pete was 10 days ago and we have been decreasing. Since then, the average for hospital admissions has also been falling. The latest U T model predicts the county will fall below the 60 threshold by the middle of next month. S. Scott says the declines have become more parent over the past several weeks. As more kids returning to the Austin school district campuses this week, more teachers and staff members have been getting their vaccines. Chief Human Resources Officer Leslie Stevens says about 1500 have been vaccinated. Three eyes D's healthcare Partners ascension See Way didn't 992 in our first round. Then we worked with community care Approximately 100 Austin Public health. We've done approximately 200 campus. Police and nurses have also been vaccinated and a list has been sent to Austin Public Health of 2000, More employees who are currently eligible Both chambers of the Texas Legislature of reconvened today, Austin is watching very closely as a number of bills being filed directly relate to city issues. Intergovernmental relations manager Brief. Franko says. Several have already been filed. Including city run utility regulation and covert preemption actually should add a square on there that includes homelessness, preemption, the governor has tweeted repeatedly about his desire to overturn This city's camping ordinance. Other bills that could directly impact Austin relate to things like police reform and further limitations on annexation, And here's your news. Radio K O b J radar weather Watch sunshine in my own piss Afternoon High 74 Tonight A few clouds low 47 tomorrow highs 63 from the Weather Center. I'm Brian May not Patrick Osborne Get Austin News on demand at news radio. K l b j dot com A trip.

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