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Of data users over thirty two gigs him on me notice reduce speeds donald trump jr on a ruptured lawyer continue to grow more questions for junior now that we know a seventh person was at that controversial meeting last summer involving a russian lawyer allegedly offering incriminating information about the hillary clinton campaign russia born america lavious named or not akg chin confirms he was there corresponded emily row he only participants donald junior mentioned working south his brotherinlaw jared kushner campaign chair paul manafort the russian blared natalia vessel nets guy i ended up public relations man for a russian billionaire who sent the whole thing up rob goldstone now we know there were at least two other people at that meeting the russianborn lobbyist and a russian interpreter the russian lobbyists also tells the washington post the lawyer left behind documents for the trump team but didn't say what was in them connecticut senator dick blumenthal shows the russian lobby should appear before congress would you news time eight thirty six georgia congressman john lewis has no fan of president trump he took time on cnn to say so lewis who was the leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s says the president is on carrying and his policies will set back the movement for equality for minorities monday will mark three years since eric garner is death while in police custody on staten island mayor de blasio's office says it has no plans to mark the out of our serie while no public appearance tied to garners jeff has been scheduled to blows you may speak about him out on related events according to his office garner of course was a 43yearold lauck father of six who died after a confrontation with police in july of 2014 attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose untaxed cigarettes near based reach cellphone footage of the altercation captured a white police officer placing garter in an apparent show cold but a staten island grand jury declined to indict the officers sixty nine degrees now cloudy this morning in new york were going up to.

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