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We want to know some of the hardships of coming up. So we finally said Would dream. It changed way finally said, Wait, man, you know way really are serious about this. Our parents will want us to go to college. And if we don't get a hit record male one after black, we're gonna have to call it. Hey, guys, keep you go to college. You go to college. I'm saying that we had me that reminds at this time, because now all of you together Oh, yeah. Together. Same goals. Me. Yes, and goes, that was what made us all so Wonderful as a group. You know, Diane, Florence and myself way. This is what we want to do for life, You know? And I I love Diane when I see her out there doing her thing, and I'm still doing my thing. Unfortunately, Florence passed but we had that desire. This is what we did. So you know, Mr Gordon said, I'm gonna put you with you. Girls with my greatest writing. TV Holland Dozier, Holland Dozier. Because he said this because you know what I see now that you like this really, really, You know, you want to be here again. It's not just a whatever you want to be here and not only recognized the talent recognized your dedication and passion to that's what I'm saying. That's what he did. And so when he did that Holland Dozier Holland, which is Eddie Holland, Brian Halloran and Lamont. Dozier started right Howard hits and we got one first hit with it was with the love light shines through his eyes on Was the bubbling under the 100 top charts on I don't know if it was we were in the eighties and nineties. But for us that was hit. Of course you're right. You're right. Yeah, really here, So yeah, on. That's when that's when our Our lives, change and holidays. Your Holland came to us and they said, You know what? That one was bubbling under. But we have four other songs, which was Where did our love go? Baby love. Stop in the name of love. Come see about me and I knew some way. Got five consecutive number ones. Did they write them all at the same time, And you just kind of or they write him one of the time based upon your successes? I don't know. I think they had the most sort of lined up, okay. They were just looking. They had the song. We're looking for the right after. No, no, no. They wrote them for us, Okay, Mr Brodie said. I don't want to get hit. Get on the show. He made sure they were writing for you. Yeah. Oh, totally. Well, we're gonna take a short pause with my special guest, Mary Wilson, and we're gonna follow this journey. And you know these songs. You know how much they've impacted your life as they have mine. My special guest. Mary Wilson. Celebrity table 30 bootlegger Italian bistro in Las Vegas will be right. We'll return the Las Vegas had the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro in just a moment. Hi, folks. I'm Dennis Bono, inviting.

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