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I must say there are people who dispute those numbers the president just used, but But Debbie, the post office has been a challenge for the country. For some time, it has been losing money affair for a fair amount of time and President Trump's been on this kick before does he sort of have a point? First of all, we have to do something to help the post office in the law long term, but I want to go to the short term it see oldest agency in this country. Henchman. Franklin was the first postmaster general. And a lot of people don't understand how many veterans relying for their medicine seniors for their Social Security. Real pain and a lot of people are now because they're afraid to go out of their homes are shopping online and Amazon and other businesses are delivering their packages by man. But the fact of the matter is and people in the Trump administration themselves have said to the president. At the post office as a customer or Amazon, as a customer of the post office is stronger because they are doing business and it is not at a reduced rate. And the president has to realize that not everybody's a billionaire like he is and that there are a lot of people that count on the post office is being an affordable means of mailing packages or bills. They can't afford a 10 or $20 or $30 fee from fashion named individual companies but by other careers that do deliver packages. So we've got to make sure that they are financially solvent. We've got to figure it out up in focused on this for a long time, by the way, working with my area post offices long before it became Isis. Here, the president seems to have become obsessed about the post office again. Machines disappearing box is disappearing as we talked about The fall elections and voting and we do need to make sure that vote by me I was gonna be safe in this country as well. Congressman Dingell, as I understand you and your fellow Congress, people are being summoned back by the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi to vote on legislation. I think as early as this Saturday, try just what can be done because, as I recall, there was a provision The Heroes Act was passed what, three months ago that address this Why is it going to be a difference when there's a single bill? Just on the Postal Service? Is the Senate gonna back that? Is the president going to sign that? Well, I've talked to a number of Republicans in the house who are coming back. You're going to be voting for this bill. And I think that a lot of senators, Republican or Democrat or home like I am and hearing from people who are very scared, particularly concerning is the number of veterans calls. That we're all getting from people who aren't getting their medicines, etcetera. I quite frankly think we need to be acting on the hero's bill too, and wish that they would do that. But we need to make sure we've seen the pictures of mailboxes being told off streets. We know we've heard the reports seeing pictures of machines being poured out pulled out, and I've talked to a lot of postal workers who have until they can't work overtime. So male is just backing up in these post office is we need to make sure that for the short term the post office's operating and it's a system is working and doing what it's supposed to do, and then we need to all get in a room and figure out how we keep the post office alive. Because it is a very important function of our government or and for our country to have that service for the American people. And finally, Congressman Dingell. You mentioned her exact I mentioned here exact. Let's talk about the overall stimulus because it wasn't that long ago. We thought it was just it was a crisis that need to be addressed. And now we hardly even talking about it seems to be clear. It's goingto go over into September 1 of the consequences that are we going to get a stimulus bill. And if so, when You know, David, you may say that we're not talking about it. And the media is I love the media, so I don't wanna sound freedom of the press is very important. But if you're out there I am. I'm doing the farmer's markets on doing Veterans Events Law enforcement event yesterday, that's all people are talking about. They're scared to death. They don't don't have jobs. They've been one out of four people in Michigan doesn't have a job. They don't have their making their mortgage payments or the rent payments were trying to come up with programs for that. We have a real food shortage. And people really don't understand that the people in this country are Ha ve talked to the restaurant owners. They're desperate. I mean, if you are not a national TV But home and just that grassroots effort that's all anybody's talking about. They want us to do something state and local governments are looking at. How are we gonna reopen schools? How are we going to educate our Children? They need happen. They need support. So I'm hearing about it every single day. And people are quite frankly that just man it all of us for not getting our act together, getting something done. Which leases exactly to the question I have. I mean, Actually, there's a sense of service, sir. You sure you've seen that indicates the level of anxiety about home about job about food is really remarkably high right now. What's wrong with our political process that if the people really aren't as concerned, as you say they are Our representative Washington aren't fixing it. So we get it. So why is one of the reasons why it's important people vote? In November because you gotta have leadership that's going to call people together. I am somebody who was always reached across the island and willing TTO work with people and none of us were America's first without Republicans or Democrats. We have a dysfunctional Senate. I'm gonna believe. You know, we have passed something The president should be taking your ship and saying We have to do this for the American people. This is what we will do, and a lot of our members are frustrated and even I mean, we got to do something and American people need to say is they elect their officials. We want you to work together. We're sick of this partisan degree. We want to get things done and vote for people that are going to get things done. Okay. Well, good luck as you head back to Washington to deal at least with the Postal Service. I hope Muchmore thank you so much that Congressman Debbie Dingell, Democrat of Michigan, always a pleasure to have you, Debbie coming up Part of my conversation with Ford Chief Financial officer Tim Stone. Why he is only cautiously optimistic. 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