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And we welcome two three a marina for microphones order in the engineering duties doing a heck of a job after forty they get these two school early this season very young very talented it should be high I think there's gonna be a lot of goals scored this weekend I thank god you know that's that's no mystery you know I I think it's time where you don't we see if we hear cultures all times and while we're young for young for young but guess what your college hockey now you've played you're ready to play yeah yep the nerves anymore they they need to be gone if you have to understand that you are a good player she wouldn't be here and so I think a lot of that is that a change in the mental part of the game for both to one by Minnesota's reedy who is serving a line tonight a Brandon McManus in sample ran to the guys the one thing we have seen right off the bat in looking at the roster sheet here the lines are considerably different than they have been so far this year even I don't know that we put stock or should put stock in the way they are listed but we do and that means that Sandi Walker is listed on the third line tonight with Jackson Nelson at center and Johnny Sorenson yeah and you said on the right side Miller playing behind.

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