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A. ten going through as many of your phone calls here as we can as we try together to grapple with what exactly the shelter in place order means let's go to Cindy who's calling from San Jose Cindy welcome to Patterson show within gene Kim Hey how you doing how are hanging in there Cindy how are you about the same so I mean you were driver I also drive chip Reid shares tonight you delivery with a company called roadie so I have all these gigs that I do the shelter in place how is that going to affect me that not an essential thing but in some ways it is sometimes I'm delivering medication hello in your center well they used to what we got from the Contra Costa county services and because all the county's work on this together it seems as though most of them will be the same most of the rules will be the same across all the counties you as this taxi service sort of your your sort of a taxi service if you are helping people to complete their essential errands you're getting into the pharmacy you're getting them to the grocery store you're okay you can't go take them to the movies are out to a restaurant you need to be out there for the same reasons they're out there okay well that's that's good to know I just think that now is maybe it's time that California should maybe think about trying out the universal benefit program you know where everybody gets a certain amount of the cult UPI UPI Herschel benefit income this is a great argument for you be I absolutely send the I gotta move on to more calls we're going to talk to who we got here we have got clear in Santa Rosa Claire good afternoon your honor here hi there thank you for taking my call sure so I have a question for you guys if you have any info for me I have severe out of my part of my whole life my work currently have no plans of closing down or limiting the interaction with clients I'm wondering what protections or right do I have to not come to work what's the what's the nature of your work it is a dog boarding and daycare facility so I am mostly around dogs but it's a lot of traffic coming in and out of where I work from what it sounds like it we keep emphasizing that we're working on the barest new information and we're not lawyers but it sounds to me like what you're talking about is a business that is not essential and if they don't close they got themselves a passel of problems have you talked to them since this edict came out I have briefly asked them if they have any plans to you know close down a bit but they said they currently they don't intend to do is there going to have to I mean there's a dude having your dog boarded is not essential so clearly what I said you know I'd like to hear from you tomorrow and find out what you hear I'm looking at that list for Contra Costa county health services yeah and they have a list of all essential businesses and it looks like child care and senior care are on the list but it doesn't say anything about pet care got it so you you can always complained to the county health department in your area if you feel that your business should be close by I would bring it up to them because this just happened today so maybe with new directives they'll rethink and that we're gonna be coming up on a network update just a moment Kim is going to be giving us the latest in the news on the flip side of the news you're going to want to stay tuned for this we're talking to someone from the Washington post who's going to fill us in on the replacement of employment money for those of you who are going to have to stay home stay tuned for that on KGO San Francisco Oakland San Jose it's through third to report corona virus update president trump says the U. S. may be headed toward a recession as the corona virus outbreak continues to batter the economy the president also adds there are no plans for nationwide locked out at this point not station white but well there's some point you know some places are nations that are not very effective all but we may we may look at certain areas certain certain hot spots as they call them we'll be looking at that but at this moment no we're not one day after the federal reserve chopped interest rates to near zero the stock market tanked again correspondent Alison cosmetology as all of these are policy moves they can't cure the virus one step further than that the reason we're seeing the markets react like this is because the markets this year the market on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average fell almost three thousand points the S. and P. down three hundred twenty five I'm in Kate's the key geo news time is two thirty one good afternoon to you this report is sponsored by home depot area public health officials are ordering a shelter in place for all residents beginning at midnight help slow the spread of the corona virus it requires people in six counties to stay home for three weeks except for essential needs like food and medical care and public health officer Matt Willis that's pharmacies will stay open and restaurants should still provide deliveries you can even take your dog for a walk we can all expect to start doing some cabin fever and will be important to remember that we can get outdoors as long as a practicing those best practices and social distancing that we've been talking about that means keeping six feet away from each other essential government operations like police fire garbage pick up will all continue during the shelter in place San Francisco mayor London breed.

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