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Of the seventy five hundred dollars off the entire musaga lineup but edison nissan on route one i ride immigratio on what do we do about do you have a problem with illegals in immigration being lumped in together if you're an immigrant is bobby you among snuck gig is to be called an immigrant as well even though the having gone through the proper paperwork and the procedures but how would you saw the immigration problem because we've got one we've got a huge when he renewed jersey the gut donald trump elected president joe murphy elected governor and in congress they come up with a plan meanwhile you've got people you know you've got illegals being detained at a facility where they're getting maggots with their food their drinking water undrinkable and as a whole list of things going on if you check out the the blog though your thoughts let's talk in lima in carteret a new jersey wanna 15 elina hey good act good evening how are you good how're you doing okay thank you um i just wanted to come and really quick can you american my parents came here come on go and you've seeing the right with my heart uh is also from colombia country for nine here we have uh no i think he can for him as it might be on so he's gone he green card and now he's in the practice of becoming a us citizen so i bad legal should get the same i uh people who have done the right way it's unfair you know i put it in year and tons of money trying to keep my family she got her two small children and i don't think he's correct got he just crossed over the border can stay here because why are you he's forces why can't they come up was a play it doesn't it for straight you you know to know that you've got this situation here where i don't even know if the idea that people you know i know some dulled play matching that you know some do an everyone you round them up and send them home what about the people who were no no other life the children of the people who snuck in when he.

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