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Number seven most stressful thing in a millennial life phone battery dying every one of these things has already there's already a technological solution for like all of these. You are not. Really? I'm just I mean, he's just adding more stress. Poor souls have extra batteries here easy. They have cases. Whatever whatever whatever. But is there a solution for number six slow WI fi? Yeah. Number riding late to work number four stressor on millennials number four losing phone. Where's your where's your technology there? They have a lot of. They've actually built into the software number three commute and delays in traffic. Number two stressor is arguing with partner. And the number one most stressful thing on Molyneux's. Losing wallet or credit? Wow. That is. How do they how do they how do they make it seriously? How do they make with this? It's very difficult not done surrogate that music backup. We're not. No this. No, it's crushing. It's crushing crushing. Now. Let me ask you. This is not like polio in there, anywhere. There wasn't there's no polio. There you'll notice there is also no global warming. You would think if we only had twelve years that would be pretty stressful. Right. So no global warming. Also, I'd just like to point out. No World War One or World War, Two or Cold War. Nowhere. Nowhere is the fear of being vaporized on this list. Which is interesting. Well, but the keys I remember the keys it's hard to find your keys. Sometimes right. Right. I would say if we're looking at if you're if you're the three out of five that say life is more stressful now than ever before. I I mean, I would just say amputation without any kind of medication that might be a life without antibiotics might be plowing and growing plowing your own fields and growing your own food and then having a drought or rain might be how about so many plagues. They started color, coding, them breath. The black plague let me. There's a lot of other ones. Don't get the blackboard. Don't get the black. That's really bad. Slavery. That was pretty bad. Pretty bad being picked up in the middle of the night and just without charges in just thrown into a prison because the government could do it very surprised. I did not hear a incorrect. Pronoun stressor. That really rough. I mean this. Let's can we can we way these. Slavery. Incorrect. Pronoun. Heater tottering on the scale. I don't know. No one is worth living. Amazing testament to how good things are losing my keys to my auto mobile is is is your bigger stress than being scooped up and put into a concentration camp because you're a Jew. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. It might be. It might be an indication that your life is. Sweet. Yeah. What is wrong with you? It also shows they obviously do not care about global warming in real life. It is it's a initial Jim and ends the means to an end we'll say go boating inequality, that's stress anybody appeal now. No. Dead. Naming didn't really didn't. But anything out there? How about how about if if if what is it seven out of ten women are raped on campus? That didn't make this washing the dishes deer point fear of being raped on campus. Didn't we have a situation that we are told women are being raped on college campuses.

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